My Girlfriends….(You know the rest)

A few days ago, I received an email from Essence Magazine declaring today, April 13, as National Girlfriends Appreciation Day. Ironically, today is my 8th Deltaversary and so many of my linesisters have become true friends to me (Hey girls!). I won’t write a book, but I will say a little something about my girlfriends. After 30 years, I realize how important women friends are. They are priceless, if they’re real friends. I’m always leery of women who say they only hang around guys because women can’t be trusted. There’s something wrong with that picture. I pity any woman who doesn’t have atleast one girlfriend she can talk to.

In the past six months, my grandmother passed away, I was diagnosed with fibroids (again), realized I might hate my job, had major surgery and thought I was going to spend my 30th birthday (partly) alone. Thanks to my friends here, near and far, all of those life events were made better. There’s nothing like those girls. From washing my hair when I couldn’t move after surgery to giving me my favorite candy as a small birthday gift to traveling from DC and New Orleans for a funeral and party or just calling to check on me during a hard work day, I couldn’t ask for more giving people in my life. They are more than my girlfriends, they are my sisters. All of them.

In a group of friends, every woman plays her part. There’s the funny one who provides comic relief in not-so-funny situations; the counselor who gives sound advice; the cut to the chase friend who you never want to go to because she will unleash the dragon, but it’s all done in love; the wild one who teaches you let go and live; the sensible one who balances the craziness out (“You want to do what?”) and so on. Friends can be so many things to you that you didn’t even know you needed or wanted to be bothered with. Most of all, they are a mirror of different pieces of you, even those you may not always see.

It doesn’t matter if you have that one best friend who’s been there since you were five years old or a group of girlfriends, you don’t have to talk to or see them every day. Real friends can pick up where they left off and never doubt that the love is still there. So, even though we get high off the drama between women and so-called friends on reality shows, and perhaps, we’ve been burned by those who posed as, I hope we all recognize what real friendship is. Lord knows, I thank Him for mine.

Whether you’re dishing gossip on the phone, going shopping or toasting to the douche bags and assholes, while you’re at it, toast to yourselves and each other. Happy National Girlfriends Appreciation Day!

*I so wanted to feature of picture of my girls, but I don’t have one picture with all them. No, it’s that many!


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