Five Things I’m So Over

The Royal Wedding

I’m happy for Prince William and Kate Middleton. They seem cool people, and I love her style, but why does the media care so much about this wedding happening thousands of miles away? In one morning, I saw atleast three segments on them. First, there’s the replica of Kate’s engagement ring, then there’s Barbara Walters trying on hats Kate would wear by an American couture headwear designer, then the anchors of Good Morning America are actually going overseas to cover this. Why? Every woman (just about) dreams of and gushes over a fairytale wedding fit for a princess, but I, personally, could care less. How did these “royal experts” become such, and why are they important? I’m over it, and it hasn’t even happened yet.

Everyone Else versus Tyler Perry

A few days ago, writer and pop culture critic Toure’, began a Twitter rant about filmmaker Tyler Perry, which I believe lasted for more than a day. I don’t follow Toure (and I don’t know why), so I don’t know where his motivation came from. The release of Madea’s Big Happy Family or just because? Just yesterday, the Internet blew up, reporting that Perry told Spike, Lee, iconic filmmaker and longtime critic of his work, to “go straight to hell.”

Though I’m not a “stan” for every piece of Perry’s work, I don’t turn into a poof of smoke whenever he makes a move either. Here’s a tip: If you don’t like the work, don’t support it. Money talks. Do you really think ranting on Twitter to the movie gods about it will make him retreat? I doubt that. He’s too successful to stop. There are different lanes and genres in art, not to mention, people are making their own lanes. Agree to disagree and shut up. I’m over it.

Relationship Advice

Who doesn’t love a good debate on relationships? They’re entertaining, thoughtful and sometimes stupid and infuriating. This will probably sound crazy coming from a single girl, but please spare me on the advice. It’s not that it’s not needed sometimes, it’s that it’s coming from too many places and people. I could care less about what Steve Harvey, Tyrese and a gazillion bloggers and “experts” have to say about how and when to get a man and keep him. This rant is pointless since as long as men are living and breathing, women will always want advice about them. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever break the code, and vice versa. That doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it, but I’d rather Tyrese show me he can spell “conscious” correctly than tell me about men. I’ve over it.

Sales Calls and Visits

A friend mocked me when I told her I have a “house phone.” It’s a necessity in my eyes, though I rarely answer it or use it. Whenever I decide to check my caller ID, it’s full of sales and unknown calls that I’m never here to receive since I’m at work. For the past three weeks, this phone has been ringing off the hook! Who are these people? Not only are people calling all day long, they’re making visits, too! Last week, I played like I was asleep on my sofa as someone rang my doorbell repeatedly and peered through my door’s window. Another time, just as I was about to tell a girl who I thought was a Jehovah’s Witness that “I believe in the Lord,” she told me she had specials on roof shingles. Get me outta heah!!! Oh, the things that happen during the day. I’m over it.


I won’t even get that deep on this one. Just know that Donald Trump has clearly shown how he feels about “the blacks” by continuously bashing and questioning President Obama’s citizenship. It’s damn ridiculous.  He, Sarah Palin and anyone else who, two years later, still goes through great lengths to disprove his citizenship can go play in 5 p.m. traffic. I’m over it, and they should be, too.


5 thoughts on “Five Things I’m So Over

  1. 1. What’s a “house phone”
    2. Tyler Perry has defeated years of work by imprinting lower-class stereotypes onto middle class Blacks and I hate him so bad. Also, in general his work sucks.
    3. Seriously, if I needed what you were selling, I’d contact you.
    4. Tyrese couldn’t advise me on how to tie my shoe. Stay in your lane. If you a comedian be funny. If you Tyrese….um, what is he good at again?
    5. Birthers are racist.

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