In Case You Missed It

You never know what can happen when you write. Who would’ve thought a little story about the 20th anniversary (supposedly) of Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever would lead to pick-ups from other online magazines and tweets from Spike Lee himself? Yeah, it really happened. So, apparently,  Jungle Fever was domestically released in August 1990, not 1991. I couldn’t find that information anywhere.  Lee saw a pick-up from the Atlanta Post and tweeted a correction to them. He even signed it HNIC.

I. Panicked. Foreal.

Who on God’s green Earth wants to offend Spike Lee (besides Tyler Perry and Clifton Powell. Did you hear him pop off on Spike? LOL)? I responded to him and apologized for the error. His response? “No harm, no foul.” Thank sweet Jesus!

Long story, short, the correction was made, and Lee was okay with it. Not to mention he shared some thoughts about his iconic film:

Can’t argue with him on that one. She almost gave my boy, Gator, a run for his money. Check the story out, “Jungle Fever 20 Years Later,” originally posted at UPTOWN.

While you’re at it, read my story on soft addictions. They’re not addictions like smoking, drugs or alcohol, but rather shopping, cell phones…and um, tweeting. I wrote the story, but found it to be helpful in acknowledging my soft addiction. Yes, I’m addicted to the Internet. On the laptop or cell. I can’t tell you how much better my life was the day I left my cell at home by accident. I felt…free. My addiction went into overload while I was off work. All day, sitting in front of a computer and staring at my phone. Ugh.

Check it out here.

For anyone struggling to be published in print (no shade to my online gigs. Much love!), Aliya S. King, my Mentor-In-My-Head, dropped all kinds of gems about pitching yesterday. If you’re not following her on Twitter, shame on you. Read her timeline and take notes. She posted a chirpstory to summarize her tweets yesterday. Check it!

Finally, after sitting in my favorites box on Twitter for two days, I read a story posted on Frenemy via Refinery29 (new favorite site!). Sex and the City lovers and writers, have you ever really wondered how Carrie could afford all those Manolo Blaniks, Christian Louboutins and pretty dresses…before she started her Vogue column and wrote her book? She couldn’t possible afford all that stuff. She wrote ONE column for an NYC paper.  The Frenemy breaks it down in Carrie Bradshaw Math. Hilarious.

Happy reading and writing!


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