Beyonce’ and the Smarty-Art Syndrome: It’s Not That Deep

I haven’t written in over a week, mainly because there’s nothing I care to share my thoughts on, and unlike those who’ve taken the bravest step to freelance, published stories aren’t my bread and butter. I’ve been on mute until I  saw commentary on Beyoncé’s new promo photo for her new single, “Best I Never Had” yesterday.

Upon first glance of the picture I thought simple thoughts like, Go Bey! That’s different. Love the whole lipstick writing on the mirror concept. That never gets old. later posted “Beyonce is Calling Herself a “King.” What’s the Problem?” Apparently, people have taken issue with Mrs. Knowles-Carter. Why does there have to be a problem? Maybe this is another alter ego she’s yet to let out of the closet. Let the girl do her thing. She’s promoting an album, for God’s sake!

People, stop with this Smarty Art Syndrome. (Please, tell me you’re familiar with my reference to Chris Rock’s Bring the Pain stand-up.) Maybe I’m not using my intelligence to its fullest capacity, but why are we making Beyoncé’s comeback so deep, let alone a promotion photo? First, it’s questioning if she’s now a feminist because she release “Run the World (Girls),” now we’re on to discussing gender roles because she wrote “King B” in Wet ‘N Wild Bubblegum Pink on a mirror? Use that brain power to work a math problem.

As far as her allegiance to women’s issues , she co-wrote “Independent Women” (throw your hands up at me) and gives us ladies the best divalicious and men-bashing anthems ever. Maybe she is a feminist, but so what? Above all things and issues you may think she stands for, what Beyoncé is a marketing genius. She and her team know just what to do to keep the stans continuously uterus-riding.

A friend pointed out that it’s all about reinvention. In just eight years as a solo artist, she’s dropped from ceilings, done the Josephine Baker fandango dance, made wearing leotards and J-setting fashionable again, created an alter ego and shitted on cheating men with just six words (“To the left, to the left”) all for the sake of giving Beylievers what they want: empowerment, bomb live performances and a certified club banger. This go-round with “4” will be no exception. You thought the “Girls” video was wack or lackluster, she gave you a killer performance on the Billboard Awards. You said she couldn’t sing, a video of her performance rehearsal was released. The girl just knows what to do. Am I saying that she really doesn’t think girls run the world or that she lacks substance? No, not at all. I’m #teamBey all day.

I’m simply asking these over-thinkers and Smarty-Arts to give it a rest. Why are you pondering shenanigans when Bey hits the scene? When you blast Bey’s music you should be doing one of two things: nursing a break-up, feeling yourself or p-popping with the best of ’em. Why? Cuz Bey taught you.

Now shut up and DANCE!!


4 thoughts on “Beyonce’ and the Smarty-Art Syndrome: It’s Not That Deep

  1. I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said here! and like I mentioned to you on Twitter I apologize in advance for my uterus riding LOL but I’m loving all the new music so far. I didn’t care for GIRLS until after the video. I fell in love with 1+1 and Best I Ever had on the first listen. I am soooo looking forward to her new album! Welcome back KING B!

  2. “When you blast Bey’s music you should be doing one of two things: nursing a break-up, feeling yourself or p-popping with the best of ‘em. Why? Cuz Bey taught you.”

    …and I have done all three! Get it B.

  3. People just looooove to hate on this girl. No matter what though, everyone has to admit the girl has talent. Dance, act and can saaaaannnng with the best of them. A true triple threat.

  4. THANK YOU!!!

    Every time I see a post with someone questioning Bey’s “deepness” I roll my eyes. Like, seriously? Again?! Chick is an entertainer. She’s not Mother Theresa, she’s not trying to save lives, she’s making music for people to dance to and for some, it truly speaks to them. If you don’t like her music, it’s cool, no one is forcing you too but I wish people would chill on “she makes bird music” commentary. Every artist isn’t meant to make music for the “cause”. But am I the only one that notices that this only happens to black artists? no one ever questions Madonna, Britney, or any other pop artist thats at an iconic level? I wonder why it’s like that…

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