Linked Up (and a Special Request)

It’s been a good minute since I’ve blogged. For no reason, I guess. As always, just when I think I’m sucking at this writing thing and lack motivation I get an assignment. So that means I should writing elsewhere instead of here, but I wanted to drop a few things on ya.

1. I’m a Blogging Boo! One of my favorite bloggers and readers, Ishea at SixTwentySeven posted a short list of her favorite bloggers, and I’m on the list. Isn’t that cute? I’m going to do a list, too at some point. Check her out on Youtube as a vlogger to see how to rock and care for natural hair, also.

2. Tamar Braxton is going to have a field day! According to new reports, website addresses will no longer be restricted to just .com, .org and .gov. Check it out here.

3. No matter how beautiful, fab or famous, every woman has a day when she doesn’t feel the most beautiful. In case you missed it, Kelly Rowland shared with Essence her thoughts on how to feel your best. Jamilah Lemeiux expounded in this thought-provoking article in this week’s issue of Clutch, “Fighting For Your Beautiful.”

4. I found this interesting article on interracial dating, “Bringing Home the Wrong Race,” in the New York Times’ Modern Love column. GREAT WRITING. How I wish for this skill…

5. Last thing: Answer this for me pretty please?

How do you think hair weaves have evolved since the 80s/early 90s? Is what was once taboo now expected? Please, please answer this one for me in the comments section or tweet me at Alisha8151.


4 thoughts on “Linked Up (and a Special Request)

  1. Ok, first I Iove naturally curly…..I am learning as my hair is now all natural!!! And yes I can not wait to see what Tamar comes with next season!!!!

    Now to answer your question, I really think that weaves are more acceptable now than it has been in the 80s and the 90s. I remember girls lying about the length of their hair or saying that the had good hair and now Wigs are the new weave, I mean look at the Braxtons…LOL!!! I don’t think that it is expected, but it is definitely no longer a taboo.

  2. I thought that weave was fully accepted and that women were okay with letting people know that they wear a weave. Not!! When I wrote my book Unbeweaveable, I asked people to send in their stories about wearing their hair weave. I did get a lot of positve responses and was able to use about seven or eight stories, but I got so many women chiming in on why would I want women announcing to the world that they wear a weave? Many of them let me know that it was their business, and theirs alone about their decision to rock a weave and didn’t want to expose themselves.

    So just like people thought Obama being elected would end racism, just because Tamar is announcing that she loves to rock a weave many women don’t feel comfortable talking about their weave.

    Needless to say this doesn’t apply to me, I have no problem telling a complete stranger that I’m rocking a #1, 18 inch Indian Remy. 🙂

  3. I think the taboo of admitting the weave went away just like the hype behind most new things do. In general, the weave was going to be commonly accepted just based on time. However, I will say with the perpetuation of concepts like “being perfect” or “enhancing self through external products/procedures”, the weave just becomes apart of that mold. Imagine in ten to fifteen years getting butt implants and other body enhancements that are even now taboo will become the norm. The market for it, just like the weave/hair market did, will open up, making its availability more accessible/affordable, and thereby, creating a larger and more common customer demand. Weaves have become more affordable (of course quality can be associated) and the demand for is out of the park.

    Your question also got me to thinking about how I am quick to automatically assume a female has a weave/wig if their hair is long (I strut a short cut). I’ve become conditioned to assume no one grows long hair anymore… lol… sad but true… That’s how common a weave/wig is now in comparison to just twenty years ago.

    I can see it now… big butts and 18″ everywhere!

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