Jill Scott’s ‘The Light of the Sun’ Shines Bright

“It’s like BOOM, I gotta do what I gotta do, son…Shhii…Grown woman making decisions and choices, utilizing everything inside of me.”

-Jill Scott


The Light of the Sun exceeded my expectations. Ms. Scott never, ever disappoints. Possibly 65 percent of the album sounds like “Imagination” (musically and lyrically), and words cannot describe how I feel about that one. With this album Jilly has inspired me in more ways than one. She was so honest on this album. She put it all out there in tracks like “Le BOOM Vent Suite” and “Quick.”  One of my favorites, for sure is “Hear My Call,” a prayer to God to grant clarity and discernment about life and what it is and is not offering to us. She makes sure we don’t forget that she’s a writer and storyteller first. Her poem, “Rolling Hills,” sends a powerful message to women to look inside themselves for what’s real, instead of basing our lives and decisions off of our “fat asses.” She made me want to dust off my poetry journal. Uggghhh!!!

“Here am I again asking questions, waiting to be moved.I am so unsure of my perception.What I thought I knew, I don’t seem to…”

-Jill Scott

Have you ever heard someone do a poem or a song that makes you shout out all kinds of cosigns and foolishness at them even though you know good and well they can’t hear you? This is that all day!



Before I could plug my iPod up at work, I ran across this interview on Afrobella with Ms. Scott. While listening to the album, I noticed several themes tailored towards women, including having a spirit of discernment, which prompts us to make good or better choices in life and love and yes, even what goes on in our beds, and seeing the prize and value in ourselves. Her quote summed it up when she said this, “Now I have to look at myself and really pay attention to what I want out of life. And I don’t wanna be physically satisfied and emotionally lonely. That not good enough. Not for me.” Listen to the first two parts of the interview here.

The Light of the Sun gets my stamp of approval. Can’t wait to see her for Essence Music Festival.


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