5 Things That Are Obsolete (Atleast in My Mind)

Dr. Dre said it best when he said, “Things just ain’t the same gangstas…” There are some things that I once knew and loved, but technology and innovation have made them disappear right before my very eyes. For some, I can’t say I’m mad about it either. Check out a few things that we just don’t  need, but a few I wish we still had.

Floppy Disks

Once upon a time I lived by these things. I can remember basically chasing the guy who worked in one of our computer labs down (with my car) so he could fix my floppy disk. I had a 15 page paper saved on it, and when I inserted it into the drive, the screen read “Disk must be formatted.” You know what that means…Your information is pretty much gone. No one uses floppies anymore. So much so, that computer companies aren’t even manufacturing computers with the drives. You have to request them. Whenever I see a floppy disk at my parents’ house, I’m instantly taken back to the dark ages.

Pay Phones

Maybe I’m just not checking for pay phones, but I don’t see them much anymore. I won’t say they’re not needed, but with the emergence of cell phones, who needs pay phones.  If they do have them, how much is a call, a dollar? Inflation is a mug.

Cassette Tapes

Yes, I was once Queen of Tapes. What’s the 411? Bobby Brown’s Greatest Hits, Forever My Lady are all on cassette somewhere at the parentals’ house in tact with the folded covers and all. Kids, you do know even though we’re in a digital age, they don’t call them “mixtapes” for nothing. What a shame that children have never played a cassette in a tape deck or experienced eye-strain from trying to read song lyrics printed in 8 font on the inside cover. The flexibility in cassette tapes were endless. Sure, they took up space, but what do you know about putting paper over the tape of a real tape to record songs off the radio? Or how about when artists like Jodeci make uptempo songs for one Side A and slow jams for Side B (party on one side, afterparty on the other).  Yeah, they really missed out.


You didn’t forget Tom already did you? I hate to break it to you, but unless you’re a tween, music artist or live on a farm, you shouldn’t still be using Myspace. It boggles my mind that Facebook just surpassed the site as a #1  social media website,  but there was a time that I, and yes, YOU, lived for Myspace. What was better than switching your background, adding music to your profile, messaging people? Nothing. I deleted my account years ago, though I think my “professional” page is still up somewhere. If I ever get anything from Myspace.com, it should be noted that’ll it’ll be ignored and avoided like the Plague.

Song Interludes

Remember when artists included song interludes on their albums? You know, the snippets that were only a minute or so, but you wished they’d actually recorded them as full songs? 112 and Jodeci were the kings of that! Ironically, when I interviewed Slim (of 112) for Clutch, we had an entire conversation about how magical they were. Let’s not forget the skits that seamlessly made albums like movie soundtracks and stories. Though I enjoy continuous music on an album, without any breaks, interludes were fun. Here are some of my favorites:

What did I miss?

4 thoughts on “5 Things That Are Obsolete (Atleast in My Mind)

  1. Love this! I think Bad Boy (Diddy, Biggie, Ma$e, 112) as a whole had the best interludes. Who can forget the Mad Rapper? LOL..

  2. GIRL!!!!!! the interludes used to be the best part of the album! I wish artists would do that now!

    Myspace was my first intro HTML course. I used to change my page ALL the time! I still think its better than FB

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