Slowly, Surely…

“Nah, man. I haven’t been in the mood to write.” That’s what Darius Lovehall, told his friend in Love Jones when asked about the progress of his first book, or “masterpiece of minimalism,” as he called it. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend, Nina and it took up mindspace that was usually devoted to words.

I get it. No, I haven’t broken up with anone, but I understand being in a “mood” to write. I struggle with the idea of writer’s block, and whether it exists or not. I’ve read a million posts and books by writers that insist that that’s no such thing. You have to push through it. Put your tail in the seat and write something–anything. Then there’s the reality that sometimes there’s too much or nothing going on to spark a writing spree.

Before last week, I hadn’t blogged in a month. That’s beyond a shame, but I have been writing in other places. Check out these pieces while I try to re-up on this writing thing. There’s more to come.

I Can’t Be-Weave It! The Evolution of Hair Weaves, Vibe Vixen

Reality TV Stars: You Need a Back-Up Plan

7 Things They Don’t Tell You About Freelancing


2 thoughts on “Slowly, Surely…

  1. Writer’s block is too real…

    The gift and curse of creativity is that it is “creative” and driven by inspiration. It’s not a rote activity..and unforch, on some days the inspiration is missing, and we can go searching for it, reading about it, etc..but most of the time, all a writer/creative person can do is sit in that dry spot. And wait. #howdreadful

    I think ebbs and flow in writing make writers better, anyway (if they aren’t for toooo long).

    Everything in life is cyclical. And I’m happy to see you’re back writing.

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