5 Things I’m Not Going to Do This Week

Accept my supervisor’s LinkedIn request.

Imagine my surprise when I open my Gmail inbox and see that LinkedIn request. I was hoping for a reply from an editor I’d stalked pitched or edits from another editor. Instead, I see that. I guess the old folks would say my face went from sugar to sh*t in a matter of seconds. I have nothing against my supervisor, but we don’t need another connection to each other. Spending eight hours a day together Monday through Friday is more than enough. Nope, it ain’t gon’ happen.

Use the copy machine at my full-time job for my part-time gig

Confession: I used to, wayyy back in the day, use the copy machine for my part-time teaching job. I am happy to report that I have seen the error of my ways, and will make a trip to the school before classes begin next week to use the department copy machine and supplies (since it’s free and all). Why? Because I’m a good person.

Watch anymore reality tv shows

My original plan last night was to read a few chapters of A Belle in Brooklyn and work on copy for a project I just took on. Ha!! Instead, I laid on my sofa and watched Jennifer’s Christmas ornament earrings on Basketball Wives Reunion Show, followed by Lala’s Full Court Life (loved it!) and the T.O. Show, then Tia & Tamera. I can’t do another reality show this week, and I won’t.

Let Derek J worry me

See, this is what I be talmbout right here. I have tried to let this go, but I can’t hold my peace. This fool has on glitter booty shorts, depriving his, er, manly parts, of the required circulation, perfectly threaded eyebrows, stilettos and a goatee. Why Lord? Who told him his legs were his selling point? If you want to be a woman, do what’s required: find your best asset to show off, wear the proper undergarments and above all, shave your facial hair.

Obsess over Will and Jada possibly heading to Splitsville

Right now, the universe, or maybe just Black Twitter, is up in arms over the news of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith might be separating. While I care that another black marriage is down the drain, I don’t care enough to really care. You know? People outgrow one another. *shrugs and waits for a million blogs to be posted about the demise of the black family*


3 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Not Going to Do This Week

  1. You are so on point. My nights are consumed with reality shows and previews of Derek J. in ill-fitting clothes. I refuse to watch his show because I think I will have nightmares of a husky man dressed better that most women I know. This whole Will and Jada thing…I am avoiding it all together. I have already started getting tweets and facebook posts about the demise of the black family. I’m over it. My advise is that people need to focus on their relationships and leave others alone. I guess you can tell; I enjoyed your post!

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