The Black Bonnet Mafia: Are You a Member?

Hey y’all!!! It’s been too long since we’ve talked. I have no excuse for why I haven’t posted. I just haven’t been feeling it. *shrug* So, anyway, considering all the injustices going on, I thought it’d only be right that I discuss a phenomenon that’s swiftly on the rise. You’ve seen them around everywhere. When you least expect it, there they are. What am I talking about?

The Black Bonnet Mafia.

You know what it is

The Black Bonnet Mafia is a group of women who venture out in public places wearing their black satin hair bonnets, which are for home use only. I have a black bonnet, and you probably have one, too. But do you wear yours to a quick trip to Wal-Mart? Wait, don’t answer that. Anyway, lately, I’ve been seeing a ton of BBM members at the most unusual places: the store, mall, utility company. It’s insane! They are about as many members as they are in the Divine 9 and Nation of Islam combined. Why is this happening?

Maybe they’re just too lazy to take their hair down or don’t think its worth it for a quick run to pick Lil Man up from school. Perhaps, they figure we can’t see the bonnet because it’s black. Seriously, I have seen women out in complete outfits and makeup but Whatever the reason, it has to stop.

Promise me you will not join this organization, or if you are involved, you’ll turn in your membership card ASAP. We’re embarrassing our children and ourselves. I consider myself a friend, and friends doing let friends wear their bonnets in public.


4 thoughts on “The Black Bonnet Mafia: Are You a Member?

  1. This is too cute *in my New Orleans accent* The BBM is a nationwide phenomenon and it must die a very quick death. I’m glad that you posted something, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. I had friends telling me about how bad this was in Chicago, but I’ve only seen one teenage boy wearing it… maybe they think it’s the new beanie lol… I don’t know. My husband gives me the side eye if I leave the house with a scarf on.

  3. oooooohhh Leesh…I have been seeing not only black bonnets but all the colors of the rainbow. Today I saw a girl at walmart that was a member of the BBM but I was confused because her hair was braided. Didnt see a reason for the bonnet unless the back wasnt done. I must confess I used to be a member of the BDRM(Black doo-rag mafia)… I always wrap my hair so it was just easier to run out the house with the doo rag on. Everyone used to think I was a dude from a distance with the doo-rag on. I still use my doo-rag but if I need to make a quick run I always throw on a baseball cap over the rag.

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