4 Things We Get Too Excited About

America, my country, tis of Thee, sweet land of liberty…and of obsession. Yes, this nation is obsessed with any and everything possible. Technology and social media have shown our obsessive nature in 3D. Don’t believe? How often to do you check your cell phone for news, information or updates? Don’t worry…I’ll wait.  Sometimes it’s just too much. So much so, that dare I say, I might actually unplug for a little while. I love Twitter and Facebook and trash television just as much as the next person, but nonstop incoming information about people, events and occurrences that won’t aid in me making ends meet or fulfilling my life’s purpose have my mind in a whirlwind.

We get wayyyy too excited about things that don’t matter–to me anyway. Here’s  quick list:

The New iPhone (and other Apple products)

Before you shoot me with your bow and arrow, I am an iPhone owner and recent owner of the iPad2. I gets down with Steve and ‘nem. What I can’t get jiggy with is the hysteria that surrounds the unveiling of new Apple products. As I type, a zillion tweets, posts, blogs and texts are being sent over the airwaves about Siri and the iPhone 4s’s new features. I.can’t.take.it. Until I touch a person’s name in my contact list, and they magically appear before my very eyes, I’m not excited.

Beyonce’s Pregnancy

Ever since she let the cat out of the bag during her heartwarming performance of “Love on Top,” media have gone stir crazy over Bey’s baby. She’s a smart woman, or atleast someone on her team is because they’re playing this preggo deal all the way up. Surely, you’ve seen her 30 second video snippet for “Countdown.” Must we photograph, scrutinize or drool over every picture showing her stomach or her latest pregnancy cravings? It doesn’t matter because it will happen anyway. Am I happy for her? Absolutely. She wanted a family and has been blessed with one. Do I want to read about it? No.  So, I make a conscious effort to get my scroll on when necessary. I guarantee somewhere, some fool will have a real baby shower for “Baby Carter.” Stop it now.

Mixtape/Album Drops

I won’t say much on this except, good PR is good PR. I know I’m not the only one whose Twitter timeline was full of twitpics of Bey’s ‘4’ album or boasts about having ‘Watch the Throne’ downloads before us mere mortals could purchase it from the store. We love good music and apparently, everything about the artists. Maybe that’s what makes the music so much more enjoyable, the connection to the person. With that said, I can still do without the hoopla over J.Cole, the Jay vs. Lil Wayne beef (wait, that’s kinda entertaining though) or Drake’s Bill Cosby sweaters.

Trial Verdicts

Newsflash: The American judicial system is flawed. Very flawed. We should absolutely protest and speak out against injustices. I acknowledge that outrage over verdicts will likely never cease, as they’ve been happening forever (What’s up Watts!). What kills me is the misinformation or ignorance about trials. Unless you’ve been under rock, you should know that Amanda Knox, an American student, was freed yesterday after being held in jail in Italy for four years. There were a ton of comments likening her to Casey Anthony and comparing her to Troy Davis. Yet another white woman gets off scott-free, they said. Hey people, she wasn’t even tried in America. Italian courts don’t care for Americans, so put the race card back in the deck. Pull it some other time when it’s appropriate.


2 thoughts on “4 Things We Get Too Excited About

  1. I’m definitely guilty of being overly excited for Beyonce’s baby.. Yes, I’m “drinking the kool-aid” and can’t wait for her bun to drop lol… I wish I could send her a baby shower gift lol.

  2. Agreed on all of this, Alisha. Sometimes you just have to tune it all out, if only for your own sanity. That’s what I do, at least.

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