Sun in the Sky, You Know How I Feel: Men Who’ve Let Themselves Go

While reading Man Wife & Dog some weeks back, I came across a post about and Cosmopolitan’s  Great Male Survey 2011 and Great Female Survey. Results indicate that 47 percent of men would leave their significant other over weight gain, whereas only 20 percent of women would leave their partner. I read this just after seething over posts from a Facebook friend who scolded women for weight gain and “letting themselves go.” In short, childbirth and any other milestone in a woman’s life shouldn’t be an excuse for weight gain. Work out! If Stacey Dash and LisaRaye can look like brickhouses in their 40s, we have no excuse. I don’t totally disagree, but there’s a way to encourage someone to make changes, and making fun and comparing them to other women isn’t effective.

I’m not fat, big, thick or anything close to it, so I wasn’t offended for that reason, but how unfair are those demands? Women will take men looking any kind of way: skinny, fat, blind, crippled and crazy (Hello Amber Rose!) Maybe that’s the problem though. Then, I remembered that men are visual. They LOVE to LOOK, so physical appearance, especially for some more than others, is of utmost importance. Le sigh.

Men and women are different, and it is what it is, but here’s the thing: No one goes hard on men who’ve let themselves go. I gotta tell ya, I don’t know much worse than seeing a man who used to be fine after he’s morphed into a busted can of biscuits. What a let down, but hey, life happens. Here’s my tribute, if that’s what you want to call it, to a few guys who’ve traded in their workout sessions for hot dogs and ham hocks.



Somewhere around 1999-2000, you could say this man’s name and every woman in the room would let out a collective, “Oooh!!” All he had to do was stand in front a black background nude on his video, “Untitled” and make ladies swoon. Don’t act like you didn’t wish the camera went just a little lower as it panned his body. Anyway…some years ago, after falling off the scene, Mr. Voodoo emerged with a DUI and a brand new body. Life without a record deal gets tough, I reckon.


Busta Rhymes

Foreal, this dude went from hula-hooping through a Cheerio as a member of Leaders of the New School to something like a well-oil machine as a solo artist. The muscles, tats and dreds were working as a great team. Next thing I know, he’s on the BET Awards with a rotund stomach, looking like Bill Cosby’s long-lost brother. I guess he just said, “F*** it.” Oh well.


Bobby Brown

First things, first: Bobby Brown was never fine, per se. He was skinny, so that makes his weight gain even more drastic. You didn’t forget his stint on Celebrity Fit Club, right? As New Edition performed at the Essence Music Festival this summer, I thought about how the mighty had fallen. Bobby, the front man in his head, was the king of gyrations, grinding and body rolls. After one song, he was huffin’ and puffin’ about to blow somebody’s house down. I know for sure, when they finally took a seat to close out, on the inside, he broke out into a praise dance. He’s no longer the slim jim he once was, but I guess it’s his prerogative.

Okay, it was all in fun. Do what makes you feel good, but make sure you’re healthy. Everyone isn’t meant to be thin, just as everyone isn’t meant to have excess weight. If you’re going to require that your mate takes care of themselves, you should commit to do the same.


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