A Lesson Before Love

Before you fall in love, there is a lesson you must learn.

That’s the premise of the independent film, Lesson Before Love, written and directed by filmmaker, Dui Jarrod. The film, which is making waves in the cinema world has been selected as  Best Drama in the San Diego Black Film Festival and most recently, a selection the New Voices in Black Film Festival. I viewed the film during his Fall 2011 tour at the National Civil Rights Museum and it was awesome.

Jarrod, a native of White Hall, Arkansas, is bringing back that flavor we’ve been missing since Love Jones and The Best Man graced the big screens. Four young people, all on the verge of something great, whether it’s a breakthrough in their careers, relationships or self-realization, connect to tell a story of growing pains and triumph. That love isn’t just love for another being, but also for a dream or self.


Love Lesson #12: Every now and then, if you are open to it, love will surprise you.

A Lesson Before Love 

The film begins with a scene many of us are quite familiar with: four beautiful people talking about love and life over cocktails. As common as that scenario may be, the film isn’t cliché’,  but real, partly because the creator is a living testimony of building from the ground up. In an interview with Jarrod, he said producing the film was not only a labor of love for others, but a personal gift to him.  “I think (the film) it’s about who I am versus where I started, ” Jarrod said. “I never thought that I would grow up doing a film, and I have.

This film was meant to be produced so I could grow as a man. I thought it was “getting my art out. It’s about personal growth and becoming the best person you can possibly be.”

So, what’s this lesson before love we should learn? I can’t tell you, but Jarrod makes a point. “There is an innate lesson that every person needs to learn before they can embrace love into their lives. For different people, it means different things.”

Thanks to Jarrod and his dynamic cast and crew for reminding us that though learning in love never stops, it begins with just one very special lesson personalized for each of us.  Check out the trailer and future screening dates at http://www.lessonbeforelove.com and Jarrod’s personal blog, Dreaming Since 1980.


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