4 Culture Trends I Want to Disappear Sooner Than Later

There’s so many, many things I could write about today, but I’ll take easy road andcover what I’d originally planned: trends. Trends are things that are hot, but only for a brief moment. They’re all the rage until something better comes along. Remember wearing Tretorns or Herringbone necklaces (I’m from Memphis, don’t judge me)? Or how about, wearing overalls with one strap hanging off? Trends never stop. The world is a big azz Forever 21, and we keep going back for buy one, get two free sales. Here are a few trends in our culture that I want to go away IMEEGIDLY!

Skinny Jeans (for men)

I don’t want to see my man or any man for that matter, rocking these skinny jeans. I’m the only one rocking the skinnies around here. Some would say it’s no different from NBA players wearing tight “hooping shorts” in the 1970s, but yes, it is. I don’t have much to add. I mean, just look at the picture. I’m over it.

Big Azz Earrings

Back in my early 20s, I loved a big earring. In fact, I didn’t start wearing studs regularly until my late 20s. If you couldn’t see them before you saw me, I didn’t want them. Years later, the infamous Basketball Wives have made oversized earrings trendy again. Some of them of cute, yes, but I’m not about to kill myself by getting my earrings caught up in my hair, a swinging door, seatbelt, whatever. Y’all have gone entirely too far when these earrings are reaching your thigh sitting down. That’s not an accessory, it’s a health hazard. I refuse.

Twitter Beef

I know Twitter beef won’t go away until Twitter is no longer the trend. It’s entertaining, but it’s also embarrassing. In just a week, because people would rather solve problems and instigate altercations via computers, we now know that Royce of Basketball Wives boyfriend, Dezman was trying to get with his child’s mother. We also know, as of yesterday, that Deion Sanders took his children with him to file a police report after his estranged wife, Pilar and her friend allegedly jumped him. Le sigh. It’s just all too much. Some things should NOT be handled over social media sites. As if a beat down wasn’t enough, you gotta tweet about it, too. Woo-sah, people! Woo-sah!

Recording Violent Acts for Worldstar Hip Hop

Honestly, I shouldn’t even write about this because I didn’t watch the controversial video of the two teen girls fighting posted on WSSH last week. I do know that the young girl who made the attack was arrested because the video went viral. That’s a good thing. My problem is when people deliberately commit these acts to submit to these sites to get a few minutes of “fame.” I’ve seen kids beaten and robbed for their sneakers and clothes. Fools flashing drugs, money and guns. Only to be arrested later. Who does that? This generation lives by the “Look at me” mentality, and it’s getting them nowhere but behind bars. Then again, I guess that’s some of them should be.


2 thoughts on “4 Culture Trends I Want to Disappear Sooner Than Later

  1. I can definitely agree with the skinny jean fad for men. I’ll pass on the man who’s pants show his a.. lol…

    I love the concept ‘”Look at me” mentality.’ That’s exactly what it is. It is very tragic the monster machine called ‘media’ and all of its social outlets allow generations of lost individuals live their distorted fantasies through technology that can be seen by billions of people daily. What happened to being discrete? What happened to having discretion about what you do and/or allow into your life?

    Good read.

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