EBONY MAG: Why Can’t We Let Our Artists Evolve?

Hey Good People!

Here’s my latest story on Ebony.com, “Why Can’t We Let Our Artists Evolve?” Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Are there any of your favorite music artists who have changed the game up and you didn’t like it? Are you still a fan?


One thought on “EBONY MAG: Why Can’t We Let Our Artists Evolve?

  1. Again, I liked the story. You defintely hit it out the park with your last paragragh. I have done that so many times that I’ll completely forget about the artist’s new material & be all on thier old stuff. You’re also on it when it comes to the growth of an artist. Its a double edged sword. Some are happy to see your growth while others don’t want to come along for the ride. A very tricky & risky situation indeed as far as their sales are concerned. In some cases you could call it selfish to want the artist to stick with what they know. In others, the earlier work is just their best work. And if they’re a favorite of yours, why would you want to listen to anything but their best? A great story on a dicey question we all pose to ourselves.

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