Because I Care: Aliya S. King Presents ‘The Write Pitch!’

Sometimes the easiest thing for a writer to do is write, but getting a magazine editor to cosign that story is a completely different animal. Editors are…quirky people. They not meanies though. They are actually seeking good great stories and ideas that readers want to read about.

I call myself a writer, but even with a few bylines under my belt, I’m still learning. Writers belong to a fraternity of some sort, and you must play the game by the rules. Some rules never change, and others, due to social media and technology do.

No one knows the writing game better than Aliya S. King. Dubbed my Mentor in My Head, she is an award-winning veteran writer and author of several books, including Faith Evans’ memoir, Keep the FaithPlatinum and the recently released sequel, The Diamond Life (Check out my review and interview for Platinum). If you’re a follower of King, you know that she’s dropped serious gems about freelancing and writing on her blog, and has recently moved to Twitter for chats and Q&A to help us hungry writers.

Now, she’s gone a step further with The Write Pitch!, a one-day workshop in New York City. the workshop will also include a Pitch Me! Real magazine editors will critique your pitches for you (Check my critiqued pitch here). You’re already in luck because I have the scoop straight from Aliya about the workshop and why you should be there:

Tell us about the Write Pitch! What will attendees learn?
Write Pitch attendees will learn EVERYTHING about getting their stories/articles placed in national magazines. I’ve interviewed over a dozen editors of major magazines from publications like Essence and Vibe and participants will receive their unfiltered tips on the right way to pitch their publications and most importantly, which sections of the magazine are best for new writers. I will also *individually* critique pitches of participants to strengthen them and help attendees get their pitches placed.

Writers who follow you know you shell out advice via Twitter and on your blog. Why attend the The Write Pitch!?
Simple. You get more than 140 characters! This is an intensive four-hour course. You will leave with not only knowledge gleaned during the course, you will also receive a binder stuffed with contacts, actual pitches that were accepted and your own pitch critiqued… I have always given out advice on Twitter and my blog but this takes it ten steps further.

Writers write, so if the story is a good one, why do we need a pitch?
Editors need to know what it is you want to write about. Writing a pitch is also a good way to show your writing skills. A new writer who sends a poorly written pitch will NOT be assigned the story. That’s a fact. Your pitch is like your introduction. And it’s important to make the right first impression. Sometimes you only get one shot!

Should we expect more workshops from you?
Absolutely. I will be expanding to other cities this fall. I will also offer fiction workshops as well.

Where else can we find you?
If it’s social media-related, I’m there. Check out my page for all the places you can find me!

Just in case someone isn’t able to attend, can you share a valuable piece of advice for aspiring writers?
If you want to write for ANY print publication, study at LEAST six months of the magazine before you pitch. If you haven’t done that, you’re not ready to pitch.

For more information or to register, email Hurry, word is it’s almost full!

See you there!


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