Unemployment: Day 80

My 90th day of unemployment is just days away. My bestie reminded me last week that it was approaching, and unlike so many Americans who aren’t working, I’ve had enough money to make to the 90-day mark without being  foreclosing, visiting a food bank for assistance or pounding the pavement for any and every job I can get. In fact, I’ve worked on some really great projects, traveled and even took a writing class in New York City. I have to agree, I’ve been quite comfortable, and I owe that all to God.

Since my last day of work, I’ve been restless, bored to tears, but happy to lounge around, write, research jobs and catch up on Boss (check that out, please), instead of fighting annoying morning traffic, or worse, school zones. What I haven’t done is stress about where my next meal will come from or how I will pay my bills. At all.

I remember taking a driving course when I was 15. They put me on the expressway to drive, and when I told my mom, she asked me, “You weren’t nervous?!” I told her no, and her reply was, “Girl, you’re too foolish to know when to be scared.” Maybe this is one of those situations, but whatever the reason, I’ve had no worries.

A Twitter follower just announced that this is her first day of “FUNemployment.” That’s a nice spin, right? Earlier this summer, a writer friend who actually made his living freelancing until recently suggested that no one really wants to be unemployed. My personal reasoning was it was all good because the job I left, or that left me, wasn’t a good fit for me. He told me, “I’m sure, but still, it’s just an inconvenience.” I didn’t argue because just a few days in, I hadn’t experienced true inconvenience, as I had one more paycheck coming in.

Yeah, he was right. As I write, I have the State of Tennessee Unemployment Office on my cell’s speaker phone. They’ve been playing this terrible hold music for the past 45 minutes. I’m wasting my precious daytime minutes, but I’ve never gotten hold music, only a call-back message, so I’m willing to wait. See, I haven’t received any unemployment since I filed on June 1. Today is August 21. I’m beyond pissed about it.

I’ve struggled to seamlessly answer the “So, what do you do?” question without fumbling with my words. The fact is that I do work without being tied down to a particular company or organization for now. I’m a writer and I work on freelance projects. End of story.

I thank God for gifts and talents and the right mind to save money and contribute to a retirement plan when I was working. All things work for the good.


9 thoughts on “Unemployment: Day 80

  1. A tutor at my old job in Memphis told me that this is called a mid life retirement. It’s needed. I’ve never taken real time and actually thought about what I wanted to do with my life. I can actually say, I now have REAL goals.

  2. When I was unemployed for almost a year the most that happened was me losing my apartment . And well of course my credit going down but even thru that I was calm. I think that having faith kept me cool and allowed me to not worry. I had somewhere to stay and food in my belly . I didn’t need much more than that. Unemployment can be very stressful for those that have families to support but being single it was like a vacation to me. Lol crazy way to think huh?

  3. Ms. Tillery, isn’t it awesome that GOD will allow a door to be closed on us, so we can recognize that the source is not from behind that door, but from where ever Mother/Father GOD decides we will accept it. Congratulation on your self employment baby girl. I am so proud that it wasn’t your choice, but HIS on what you would do these past months and into your future. Love reading your blogs.

  4. I feel you on that! I’ve tried since May and just got thru the line today. I did the automated portion, that was exactly thesame as the online form that the system wouldn’t let me submit, and I was told by that annoyed robot that my wait time on hole would be 2 minutes… That wasan hour and a half ago…I’m still waiting!

      • I’ve been on the phone for 2 and a half hours so far…and have yet to talk to an actual person. I’m a veteran of the military, with 3 kids under the age of 5. I never dreamed I would have so much trouble getting the help I needed..

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