Creating the “Perfect Bitch”

Since Kanye West’s infamous “Perfect Bitch” tweet a couple of weeks ago in reference to his boo thang, Kim Kardashian, I’ve refused to discuss or write about their relationship. I’ve secretly wished this relationship would dissipate quietly mainly because I don’t get it or them—atleast as a couple. That’s very selfish of me, but you know how I feel about Kanye. I love his work, but his attitude about his relationship is more than annoying. I don’t want to have to begin separating the man from the music to remain a fan because you really don’t have one without the other.

Last night, faithful Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans tuned in for the Kanye sighting in the first segment, which I missed during all three airings. He brought his stylist in to revamp her closet to make sure she ended up on best dressed lists. He lent yays and nays to Kim’s pieces, from shoes to leather and shearling dog bags. I couldn’t figure out why a woman as stylish as Kim would take cues from a man who wears leather skirts and women’s silk blouses. It works for him, but only him, not his girlfriend.

I’d seen the pictures of her rocking his God-awful boots and a few other pieces he’d asked her to wear, but I thought maybe she was just modeling them probably to get him to shut up. You know he’s the type to whine when he doesn’t get his way. Anything for your man, I guess. Perhaps, she was really hyping up the relationship’s publicity for shits and giggles.

Then I saw her in that damn denim jacket during her confessional segment. That jacket was no trace of Kim, and all Kanye. It did NOTHING for her. This wasn’t them walking down the streets of Milan together after a day of shopping. She’d actually brought his style on her show and her brand.

Let us bow because ish just got real, for me anyway.

Why did Kim’s wardrobe need a makeover? If nothing else, her style is what makes me root for her. It’s classic and sexy in a way that isn’t over the top. Sometimes I feel like I’ve seen her ensembles repeatedly, but she has the body to pull off the most basic looks (white tee and denim with booties). What else does she do, but look chic effortlessly?”

I still maintain that K&K are fashion friends more than lovers. Yes, I’m sure they do what couples do (*ahem). They seem to enjoy each other’s company and what man doesn’t love a beautiful woman? However, this closet stunt has added another layer to my theory.

If Kim is Kanye’s “perfect bitch,” why is trying to change her? He doesn’t want a girlfriend. He wants a dress-up doll.

Think: Sean, the sleazy photographer in Mahogany who used Tracy (Diana Ross) as his artistic muse. She was a diamond in the rough, only needing his guidance to be a real star. He renamed her Mahogany and dressed her in the finest clothes and photographed her, all while sleeping with her, of course. Eventually, he dropped her when she refused to conform to his vision for her and her life.

I imagine the same thing will happen with KimYe IF Kim doesn’t get a backbone and reject West’s controlling ways.

It shouldn’t be surprising though. He probably did the same with Amber Rose. With the exception of his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Phifer, a designer and fashionista in her own right, Kanye has probably been playing dress u p with all of his girlfriends, and that makes me sad for a number of reasons.

Accept people for who they are, instead of trying change them as result of your own issues. When he referred to Kim as his “perfect bitch,” maybe he meant she’d be perfect when he finished with her.

Good luck to them.


5 thoughts on “Creating the “Perfect Bitch”

  1. GREAT article!! You bring up a very good point about his need to “play dress up” with all of his girlfriends & heavily influincing their looks. It makes me question his manhood honestly. I can understand a man who appreciates fashion, but im concerned that he is channeling 6 year old Kanye who’d rather be playing with Barbie. He may still be struggling with his desires & feels that dressing his new Barbie (KimYe) is more socially acceptable than the Mattel version. #ImJustSaying

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