The Best Man 2…Is It Too Late?


While perusing my usual daily sites, I stumbled across a headline. According to “the innanet and blogs,” Malcolm Lee, the producer of The Best Man, arguably a classic released during the era of black romance comedies in the early 2000s is creating a sequel to be released in November 2013. After we have watched it repeatedly on BET, TVOne and premium channels and mimicked our favorite lines (“Hugo Boss…prestigious law firm? Need I say more?”) for years on end, part two is finally on the way. Now how do we really feel about that?

It’s unnecessary. The length of time since we all packed the theater to see the original is a factor. It was released 14 years ago in 1999. Do we still care about what happened to the group of college friends enough to cosign a full production?


Then, the characters were around 28-30 years old. That means in the sequel they should be anywhere between 40 and 45 years-old. Not to say that getting older isn’t interesting or sexy, but it takes a bit more creativity to spice up a story about individuals who are no longer living for the chance to sleep with a would-be flame during a wedding weekend in their 20s. You remember the lackluster reviews for Sex and the City 2 once “the girls” gave up the chase and all settled down (I was flabbergasted when I realized Samantha was “fifty-fucking-two.”)? What’s good now that the gang as grown up?

Let’s take Bad Boys 2 as an example of a sequel released much later than the original. Released eight years later, it still hit the mark for action, storylines and comedy. So much so, that we’re still crossing our fingers for part three today and a green light was given for production almost two years ago. Unlike The Best Man or Love and Basketball, Bad Boys 2 was based on the series theme, rather than what happened next with the characters’ story lines. I’m not so interested in seeing another “Best Man,” unless Quentin finally marries Shelby. Now, that would be comedy.

My point is: sequels are very tricky. Sometimes the movies we love shouldn’t be tampered with. If you’re going to bring a black all-star cast together like The Best Man’s cast again, how about producing a new movie altogether on a different subject matter? Lord knows, we are due for some new stories, even if they are with the same go-to actors. Le sigh.

Since it’s definitely going to happen, I’d like to know if Harper and Robin ever really get married, or did he back out at the last minute? Did he really become a bestseller or even a Christian? Is Jordan in a relationship and/or a mother or is she still career-driven and “one step away from lesbian” like she was portrayed? How did Lance cope with Mia sleeping with Harper in the long run? I’m curious to see how they will answer our questions and create new drama packed with valuable lessons like the first. Then again, that’s what writers are for.

So, I’ll be in the theater with my box of Lemonheads (brought from home) ready to see what the producers and writers have in store, but this time, hopefully, I won’t think Taye Diggs is “self-serving, backstabbing bastard,” and I definitely won’t let out a loud scream when Morris Chestnut enters the room. The thrill is gone.


2 thoughts on “The Best Man 2…Is It Too Late?

  1. Yeah, I’m not sold on this sequel. I love Best Man BUT I’m not really here for it. I would rather see A Different World 20 years later when Whitley and DeWayne’s kid goes to Hillman. Can that be a sequel (is that what we call it in television) rather than this? I’ll catch it at the $2 movies tho.

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