Four More Years

Surprisingly, I’m not spread out across my sofa, crying the “ugly cry” over President Obama’s re-election. I’m actually working on a story and laughing hysterically at all of the many hilarious social media posts about the night’s outcome (Don’t ask how I can do both at once. I’m just talented like that.)

This time is different. There are still tears, fanfare and chanting to boot, but the feeling is different from 2008. Different isn’t always a bad thing. It can be a great thing. It means happiness, hope and this case, relief.

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC compared Obama’s first election and re-election to a wedding and renewal of vows. Well put. We’re in love with weddings because the union is new, fresh and even sexy, but the renewal of vows is acknowledging the commitment and continuing to make good on the promises made. I’m so happy and proud that my President gets that opportunity.

Romney has finally made his concession speech and the crowd in Chicago is fired up and ready to see the President deliver his victory speech. We’re anxious to see “that walk” to the podium, excited to see him hug his lovely wife tightly as she whispers something sweet and encouraging, like “I’m proud of you” in his ear. We’re waiting to see his beautiful daughters who can say they have the esteemed privilege of growing up in the White House. We’re waiting to hear his words and see his smile.

A whole four years later, it still amazes me that he is President of the United States. I watched the elections in 2008, attended Inauguration and saw him walk across that platform and place his hand on the Holy Bible. I’ve seen, read and purchased a gazillion magazines that he and/or his family were featured in. Still even today, as he’ll be a two-term president, it seems just a little unreal.

But I know better, and I’m glad to be along for the ride to see it. He and we have worked hard, yet the first four years were just the beginning. It’s time to really put work in. Let’s turn a blind eye to the hate, be informed, do our part and work.


One thought on “Four More Years

  1. Like you, its amazing to me to see him as President. Also like you, I’m glad to be along for this ride. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for these next four years.

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