2012 Year in Review

PicCollage (1)Hey Folks!

I’m alive and well. Shame, shame on me for not posting…in months. Hey, life happens. This will be short because I’m cleaning in preparation for the New Year, but here’s my year in review. I can say, I’ve been blessed. Challenges, but successes. Overall, I’m still here. Farewell, 2012!

1. I wrote my first piece for Ebony.com. Today, I’m up to six. That was a goal I’m happy to have checked off of my list.

2. I’m officially IN my 30s. Before I could get used to saying I was 30, 31 came along, and I said, “HELLO!” Apparently, I’m still stuck in my 20s though. Read about it here.

3. I learned the art and value of clearing the air, oh and emojis make everything better.

4. I was laid off. Actually, I was notified the day after my birthday. Read about the journey here.

5. I hustled. Writing pays–especially when you don’t have a job. My lay-off period was a chance to ramp up my writing along with job-hunting and reality tv.

6. I wrote heartfelt letters to Shaunie O’Neal and Kanye West. I meant every word.

7. I went on my first cruise–in the middle of a hurricane. I know I’m a million years late, but I’ll definitely take another one. Good times with family!

8. I finally met my Mentor in My Head, Aliya S. King! After years of being e-friends, I traveled to NYC over the summer to take her writing class, Pitch Me! It put a lot of things in perspective for me.

9. I got a new job. And it’s actually in my field. I love it!

10. I was invited to cover a St. Jude media event. Out of the blue! This blog really does generate buzz. It was an awesome experience.

11. I interviewed Lance Gross and Elise Neal at. St. Jude Media Cares. Look, he is gorgeous in person. Dark skin and white teeth…le sigh.

12. One of my Ebony.com stories was picked up by The Root and Chicago Defender. Check it out here.

13. A Clutch story made the Best of Clutch. Read it here

14. My President is STILL black!

So, what’s up, 2013?! Whatcha got?


2 thoughts on “2012 Year in Review

  1. This is an awesome list. I usually feel kinda ho-hum when I look back on my year, because I’m focusing on all the stuff I haven’t done, or the things I was too afraid to try. But this year, I have a new attitude. Your list is encouraging. Keep up the good work.

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