Things I Learned from Beyonce’s Documentary

beyonce-life-is-but-a-dream-the-jasmine-brandLike almost everyone else, I watched Beyonce’s anticipated documentary, Life Is But a Dream this weekend. You’ll notice that I’m not even addressing the Oprah interview because well, it was a wash. Too much eye shifting and conversation cut-offs for me. As for the documentary, I’ll say up front that I don’t feel any “closer” to her as a fan. She didn’t spill the tea, as some of you would say, and I didn’t expect her to. Instead, she talked as openly as she chose to a camera on her laptop.

Remember the MTV show, Diary? It reminded me of an extended version of that: a glimpse into the life of your favorite star, produced and edited perfectly for public consumption. I knew that was going to happen, but seeing as how Mrs. Carter’s interviews have always left much to be desired, I guess we needed this to feel like she was letting us in on her world. Aside from having a million dollar endorsements, being married to a husband equally as successful as she and having the ability to look fresh-faced and dewy at all times of the day , she’s really just like us.

I did learn a few things though.

She calls Jay-Z, “Jay” like everyone else. In the recent years that she’s even began to refer to her long-term boyfriend, now husband by his name, she doesn’t call him by his government name. I just knew that she called him Shawn. Maybe because I always think of a lyric to his song, “Jigga” where he says, “All I gotta do is let ‘em call me Sean, they glad.”I don’t know her life though. For we know, he could be “Sean” or even “Bae.”

She names songs by the hook or most prominent line like everyone else—even her own. Let’s be real, black folks are notorious for this. We never know the official title for songs, just the lines we like, and we refer to them as such. We’re such special people. During one of her “confessionals,” she says she wants to listen to “Make Love to Me,” and make love to her husband. Wait. Did you mean “1+1,” Bey? Because that’s the real title. Cool.

She curses…like everyone else. For whatever reason, she used to blame her foul mouth on Sasha Fierce’s nautiness. She jokingly screamed out “Aww shiiit!” after a vocal flub in the studio, then during her live cover of “Resentment” took a bitter left turn as she ad libbed the lyrics with “…like that wack bitch could!” Hurt much?

But lest we forget these classes curses from “Diva” and “Ego” on her 2008 I Am. Sasha Fierce album respectively. “How you gon’ be talkin’ shit? You act like I just got up in it” and “Ego so big, you must admit. I got every reason to feel like I’m that bitch.”

It’s okay, Bey. Shit happens.

She really is dangerously in love. Look, we all knew that, but the footage from Jay’s birthday dinner sealed everything

She still uses sponge rollers. Talk about revealing secrets! That’s what I’m talmbout, Bey! When I saw she had that hair tightly coiled on the pink sponge rollers, I thanked God I was born in the 80s. That’s how she looked so fresh and vibrant in those Blue Ivy welcome pictures. I’m not even mad. Not even.

Everyone has a right to privacy. She really didn’t have to tell the world she had a miscarriage, you know. As the Internet Age rolls on, we’re made to believe that we have a right to know everything going on in someone else’s life. She agrees, saying we’re “brainwashed.” Yes, for some, there’s always been an obsession to get to know celebrities beyond whatever it is they do. What’s their favorite song? What makes them cry or what’s their greatest fear?

Briefly, I was annoyed because she didn’t share much, but why does she have to? As a fan, I’m only entitled to good music and what she leaves on the stage, and even that is on her terms. People don’t owe us anything.

I loved her awareness and thankfulness to God. No, I won’t appease and say a “higher power.” I’ve always thought that people who are wildly successful—the Beyonces, Micheal Jacksons and Oprahs of the world (and there aren’t that many) know their lives are such because of God. What else is there? My favorite quote from her has to be during the nature footage when she says, “Thanks be to Jesus.” Indeed, Bey. I’m sure she brought many Behyhive souls to Christ with that one. LOL

I’ve got to get to that tour. Nah, I don’t have tickets, but it’s not for a lack of trying. I don’t want to know her life, when she makes love to her husband or how she puts an awesome light show together for a performance, I just need that music and the energy. The performance footage got me sooooo hype! I can’t wait to shake a tail feather with her. It WILL happen.


6 thoughts on “Things I Learned from Beyonce’s Documentary

  1. I just watched it. I openly STAN for Bey but this doc didn’t seem much different than the one she did before “4” dropped. On the low, the whole point of her releasing the doc is to kill the rumors that she didn’t have her baby. IMO..

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