Teedra Talks New Music, Relationships and Moving On, Pt. II

Teedra-Moses-Luv-Rocket-e1361828026963Check out the second half of my interview with Teedra Moses! Read Part I here.

Possibly what Teedra Moses’ fans love most about her music are her relatable song lyrics. There’s atleast one song in her catalog that you’d swear she penned just for you, but she wasn’t really inside of your heads when she wrote it. Her first inspiration is her own life.

“When I write, I don’t set out to say every woman will be able to relate to this. but I just write what I feel in my heart.”

She describes her latest single, “Cant Be Luv” as a personal experience. “It’s really about contemplation of if I’m gonna give up the cookie or not,” she says. “I don’t know about other women– if they have that experience, you know? I do. I don’t just my cookies up to people like that. It’s a major contemplation in my mind should I even do this.”

It’s a real thing in her life even now. Moses is currently in a period of celibacy. “I don’t choose to give up my cookies to people, not because I made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t have sex, it’s just that I’m not attracted to anybody in that way to do so, and then I have to question…well, what is it? Why is it that I’m not sexually active?”

That’s the rawness you’ll find in her music.

“That’s our responsibility. Spread a little happiness to other people, and find as much as we can for ourselves.”

Admitting that she hardly listens to R&B music, she keeps her pen and musical ear close to her heart, rather than to the streets. “Whatever the track gives, I give it back. I don’t listen to one kind of music. I don’t listen to one kind of artist. I just give to the music whatever it is at the time.”

There are more heartfelt tracks on her upcoming album, Empress Pride Collection like “People Chaos,” which describes her relationship with the greatest love of her life, and father of her twin sons. She sings about loving who you’re with, but knowing you aren’t right for each other. “No Regrets,” laced with live instrumentation, tells the story of her life having her sons at a young age.

“I’m speaking on having kids young, falling in love really young and how I don’t regret it, even though it changed the course of how I thought I life would go,” she says. “Even though my life isn’t what I thought it would be at 15, I’m so happy with it. I thought I would be married with the picket fence and whatever, but I’m okay without that.”

Teedra will be showering her fans with her love through her newest music later this month at Singersroom’s Rhythm Effect Series at SOB’s in New York City. Expect a funky, but sexy live show with something for everyone.

She sings about love, but her message to her fans is about life. “My ultimate message is always to live your life—to the fullest. Life is too short to spend any second of it giving up your time, your effort, your love and your passion to shit that doesn’t matter to you.

I think life is about finding your purpose and obtaining purpose and fulfilling your purpose. I try to push that message always because that’s what I’m always trying to do.”

Keep up with Teedra at www.teedramoses.net or follow her on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Teedra Talks New Music, Relationships and Moving On, Pt. II

  1. Beatiful second interview!!!!!!!!! I Love it!!!!!!!! I soooooooooooooo can’t wait for the empresss pride collections!!! I need it in my life asap!! June 25th can’t come fast enough!!!

  2. A simply gorgeous woman. I like what you have to say, more women should strive to have your mindset!

    Very attractive…

  3. I like that she is taking it back this round. coming from the start of her love and experiences. it will help me as a fan pick up where she left off and try to come full circle will the origin of the 2004 album. I know it probably was a step back for her and probably took some time to lay her most vulnerable self out to dry, revisiting her youth and love that come along with it. I bet it’s emotional n open. Teedra u r a true lioness!

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