Let’s Try This Again #31WriteNow

Here I go, here I go, I here I go again…I said that in my Pepa “Shoop” voice, by the way. Here I go trying to do yet another blog post challenge. A few months ago, I tried unsuccessfully to do the #30for30 challenge. I tried my hand at a fiction, which I’m still getting shoulder taps to finish and other random short posts. Then here comes my linesister, posting a link to Luvvie about this #31WriteNow challenge. Thirty-one days is long time, but I definitely need the discipline to push my writing along. I have a terrible habit of starting something, but not finishing it. Hey, atleast I’m aware. I guess Tisha Campbell was right when she said “you gotta push until you get it right.”

Just to be clear, I’m already a day behind, so this will definitely count as a post. Writing is writing.


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