Blogging Blues

If you haven’t noticed I have the Blogging Blues. And it’s terrible. I didn’t even finish the #31WrieNow writing challenge.

In 2006, I started my first blog anonymously just eager to read other people’s stuff and get some really random thoughts out–mainly about things that annoyed me at work. Blogging then was its own little community, almost like a secret. Online magazines and blogging weren’t the “in thing” and many hadn’t figured out that you can really make a living off blogging about beauty products, fashion, relationships or whatever else.  Seven years later, I’m wondering what’s my purpose in blogging anymore. I rarely have time to do it (excuses). I’ve been more into writing for compensation rather than publishing the several posts  sitting  in my drafts folder.

Of all of the many things to write about, I have little to no desire to share opinions on anything because, frankly, everyone else has already sone it. The hot topics change so quickly, before you can get your thoughts together to communicate an issue effectively, the next blow-up has happened. So what else could I blog about? I could tell you about my adventures in testing out activities that substitute for working out in the gym. Or maybe about the disaster that was the MTV Video Awards or the blank stare moments that are sure to happen in teaching this semester.

It’s amazing that daily someone “endorses” my  blogging skills on LinkedIn, but I don’t consider myself a blogger as much anymore. Maybe I’m a writer who has a blog? Lately, I’ve been a writer who doesn’t write. Oddly enough, a friend just started and blog and asked for feedback and pointers. I’m going to send her Luvvie’s post from earlier today. It was pretty reads my life as it relates to writing and blogging. This thing is about habits and even expectations. You never know who’s reading and waiting for another post.


3 thoughts on “Blogging Blues

  1. Well, I’m always eager to see a posting here or any magazine articles that you write. Such an awesome writer and inspiration for me to keep at what I’m doing. Keep doing what you do when you’re inspired to do it… #nopressureforpassion

  2. I understand. I made it through 14 days of #31WriteNow, but as soon as the school year really started, I couldn’t do it. I was busy. And enjoying life. I always thought of stuff, but didn’t find the time to write it (notice I said “didn’t” and not “couldn’t”), so if any ninja in the world feel you…I feel you. Plus, I’m starting to think it’s time to end mine just because it’s so narrow. Sometimes what I want to say doesn’t relate to my blog’s namesake anymore. I’ve evolved. Maybe it should evolve with me. Hmm…….dang you Lish. You got me thinking and ish.

  3. Well, you know that I support you no matter what. I write, but I don’t have a blog. I’m not sure how I’d deal if I were in demand had fans waiting to hear what I had to say about things. But I understand real life & other things do get in the way. Even though I don’t have my own blog, I do write. So I can relate kinda. For one, sometimes you have so many ideas that run through your head that it can be difficult to keep up. And when its time to sit down & write, you don’t be knowing where to start. The other reason is sometimes you don’t want to repeat yourself. Which I feel is why I fell out of writing for so long, even though I had stories on top of stories to tell. Also there’s what to share & what not to share. That tug of war of all tug of wars. As far as you giving advice or pointers to a friend or others who wanted to start a blog, I say do it. You’ve been doing it since ’06. Your blog & work speaks for itself. Anyone doing anything that long won’t lead someone astray as far as the do’s & dont’s of blogging. There are differences between how to do it today & the way to do it when you first started, sure. But that wisdom you’ve picked up during this time, don’t ever discount that.

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