I Quit At Trying To Understand Kanye

Kim Kardashian Hosts The New Year's Eve Countdown At 1 OAK NightclubIf you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you know that I go to bat for Kanye West. I’m a MAJOR fan of his music and especially his energy at live shows. What I’ve always been at odds about is his attitude and what’s behind his way of thinking. I’ve thought that his arrogance is a just a mask for his insecurity, but it’s never been enough to muddle my love for him. Until recently, I’ve always been able to separate the music from the man.

Over the last month, he’s taken me on an emotional rollercoaster. I watched him in horror with Jimmy Kimmel as he retreated to this odd internal place, using his “new voice,” then going on a rampage about why his girl, now fiancé, deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, why he’s the best to ever do it—it, being everything and why they as a unit aren’t given their fair shake in fashion and the upper echelon. Classicism is always before racism, therefore no matter how influential he and Kimmy are, they still can’t sit at the House of Whoever’s table like this is high school. Apparently, Grammy’s, reality shows and Sears clothing lines combined should translate into success in Italian couture.

Nobody got it. We all, in the studio and at home, just sat there and listened, quietly confused…or we zoned out. I, self-proclaimed Yeezy diehard, changed the channel. No way I would’ve given him yet another platform to vent his frustrations if I were Kimmel.

He continued his media rampage this Monday, giving me the warm and fuzzies on Big Boi’s show. There, he freestyled in his REAL voice, gave a complete concert over his tracks, complete with jokes and that Kool-aid smile we haven’t seen. He seemed relaxed and more like himself. Yesterday, he interviewed with Ryan Seacrest and was back on the same ol’ ish.

Ol’ boy has drowned in the abyss of stupid love and has taken supporting his mate to a whole ‘nother level. The Captain Save A *** cape is on so tight, he’s about to choke. He says Kim is the epitome of fashion, so why isn’t she on the cover of Vogue? We don’t jock Michelle Obama’s style like we do hers, and Mrs. Obama surely can’t take a sexy selfie like Kim on Instagram.


Why would she? She’s not thirsty…She’s well-educated, accomplished and married to the leader of the Free World. Pardon me if I don’t see the comparison here. Levels, sir. Levels.

So now, I get it. Cut the talk about he’s been crazy since his mama died. We all lose when we try to analyze a guy who randomly changes his voice when talking to white people about classism. It’s clear that he operates in another world. In his world, half-nude selfies, pop culture, etc. are king. That’s the not the world of Vogue editors, Italian clothing designers or the First Lady of the United States. Unfortunately, those two worlds don’t always collide, and sometimes they shouldn’t.

What pains me the most is that he might be the only one who believes his antics. He mentioned to Seacrest that people get caught up on not what he says, but how he says it. Great point. He forgot that delivery, context and a humble spirit are everything.  Even though his favorite go-to comparison, Michael Jordan, was the greatest, everyone also knows he’s an asshole. I hope Ye finds the validation he’s looking for because everyone knows that it’s not really in those Italian sneakers, leather jogging pants and Armenian girlfriends…everyone but him.


11 thoughts on “I Quit At Trying To Understand Kanye

  1. Nailed it with another one!!!!!! He’s losing or has completely lost his mind!! I can’t with Kanye anymore!! I was overly irritated with his comment about the FLOTUS!!

  2. Quit trying to understand Kanye? Why would you even try? You can charge arrogance to insecurity in some cases. But after a few years, I just accept that’s just how you roll. I’ve felt that for quite awhile. As long as he can live with it……..

  3. Nice post.. yeezy be on some other ish!! Not digging dude right now. He wanna be a stand out but at the sametime wanna fit in.. to me thats a clown. It’s one or the other. As far as him and kim go tho, thats his woman and he in love so if he wants to promote her then i dont see anything wrong with it. I dont have to support it but i dont see anythibg wring with it.

  4. I cried laughing at your captain save a ho cape is on tight comment. Kanye does appear to be on a different mode than most, at the moment. I just hope the music genius returns to form. He used to make some dope tracks.

    • I love that he’s in love, but I get the feeling he’s in love the with idea of Kim moreso. He’s capin’ for sure. She has to match his awesomeness, I guess.

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