My Obligatory Post About Beyonce’s ‘Thriller’

beyonce-explains-her-new-visual-album-read-her-quotes-nowNope, this isn’t another think piece about Beyonce’s self-titled album because honestly, I don’t have time for all that, and I keep telling y’all I’m not that deep (most of the time). I’m too busy body rolling and doing the dance to “I woke up like dis.”

Just a few thoughts though.

I guess the saying, “They sleep, we grind” really is true. I can’t even slumber at a decent hour (well, fall asleep on the couch after high blood pressure due to the Scandal finale) in peace without this woman releasing a FULL album WITH VIDEOS. Who does that??

Bey done walked up to the House of Grown Women and kicked the door down. Honestly, the lyrics are no different from what you’d hear from Rihanna, who’s worn the “I don’t give a F** bad girl” crown for years. It just looks and sounds so much better coming from Mrs. Carter on this album, in particular. There’s a maturity there that we’ve been waiting on for years. Everyone’s looking at her, saying, “’Bout time, girl! Welcome to the party.”

Where in the world do they come up with these video concepts? “Partition” and my favorite, “Mine”? I hope they weren’t “taken” from old movies and videos no one knows. I’m trying to leave the past in the past.

Still wondering when she’s gonna bottle the kind of love she and Jay have up and sell it. It’ll go faster than the albums.

Stay under the radar and keep working. Since her tour for 4, stans have been bitching about her “scrapping” her album and going back to drawing board. How long does she need to drop a single? I guess she showed us. I imagine her as some cooky mad scientist spouting out the most evil laugh and crispy hand rub. She’s never not working, and we shouldn’t be either if greatness is our goal.

Do what you do, and keep moving. It’s great to celebrate your victories, but while you’re going overboard with the celebration, you could be working towards another goal. The procrastinator in me hates this, but it’s true. When her album dropped, she was wrapping up her 100th show…and eating those infamous Vegan cupcakes. After you’ve ticked off another to-do on your list, do you sit back and bask in it, or do you move to the next?

Pharrell is everything. Why? Not only because he sleeps and bathes in a fountain of youth, but because he wrote “Superpower.” That’s it.

Is Beyoncé actually a real feminist?

I don’t care one way or the other but seeing others’ thirst for an answer is fascinating. There’s always been a very loose idea that she’s a feminist, writing women empowerment anthems, but until now there’s been no concrete proof. Then she sampled Nigerian feminist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDTalk.

And the feminist crowd went wild.

Then there’s another piece of “proof” dissected in Slate, which suggests that “Partition” sample is the French translation of a line in The Big Lebowski about the misconception that feminists hate sex. So, you already know what “Partition” is about, right?

Then things got sticky.

She tells us ladies that we’re flawless (we woke up like that), but not before she screams “Bow down, bitches” atleast 10 times to haters, women and men alike.

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife. Don’t get it twisted, this my shit. Bow down, bitches.” WELL…

Then the claws came out. Feminist scholars, some things you’ll just never figure out. So don’t.

I agree with the notion that if you are a woman, you should be a feminist automatically, but that’s just not the case. Many women don’t kick up dust over lower pay, sexual degradation or whether we think they should or not. Women, especially women of color, deserve every right that men do, but I don’t label myself as one for these reasons.

When educated and accomplished women quarrel online for the world to see over the rights to feminism, how it looks, who should be involved and why, it’s totally counterproductive to the movement. Do better.

I don’t know Yonce’s life (though now I wish I did!), but she’s probably not scouring Twitter to see what’s the buzz is (and feminism is definitely it) but she has her TEAM, sister included, in the mix. She has her fingertips on the pulse and knows what buttons to push, how and when–even when we think she’s lying dormant.

I wrote this in a blog two years ago when 4 was released.

“As far as her allegiance to women’s issues, she co-wrote “Independent Women” (throw your hands up at me) and gives us ladies the best divalicious and men-bashing anthems ever. Maybe she is a feminist, but so what? Above all things and issues you may think she stands for, what Beyoncé is a marketing genius. She and her team know just what to do to keep the stans continuously uterus-riding.”

Today, much hasn’t changed. I still want to dance and sing loud in my car and living room to Beyoncé songs, instead of breaking my brain over her, but I think this album has made me one of the riders. LOL

You can’t put women in a box. You can work…hard as hell. You can love. You can have babies (or not). You can feel good about yourself. You can be insecure your relationships and strong. You can be provocative, sexy, bitchy and even naughty. You can be complex. That’s being a woman. Right now, Beyoncé encompasses all of that, and maybe the fact that we can’t put our finger on a clear-cut theme is what makes it’s so great.

Just relax and enjoy the ride.


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