My Birthday Manifesto

Well, people, it’s here. Today is my 30th birthday. How’d it get here so fast? I remember my 18th birthday like it was this morning, rather than yesterday. Yesterday, my family and friends threw me an awesome party. I am beyond blessed to have people in my life who genuinely care about me and show it. I stayed up until 12 a.m. and at 12:04, it hit me that I am officially out of my 20s, and I wanted to cry. For like, three seconds. Then I was over it. Instead of looking back on the past and comparing myself to others and their accomplishments by this age, I’ll embrace what’s to come because I know without a doubt that I am favored by God. Things will only get better with time.

Meanwhile, since I’d already reposted “30 Things Every Woman Should Have Before She Turns 30,” I figured I’d do a manifesto after I received a funny email about how to write one. A manifesto is defined as a “written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.” I immediately thought about Clutch Magazine’s manifesto. I always thought it was cute, so why not do one of my own?

My Manifesto

I will live my life and make decisions with purpose and intention. (Except for when I want to catch a good sale.)

I will do what makes me happy, even if it doesn’t pay off right away now. I know it will.

While I know my small circle of friends is more than sufficient, there’s nothing wrong with being “sociable” outside of that circle.

I will work harder to reciprocate the love and care shown to me for my family and friends.

Time is nothing to play with. Use it strategically and to your best advantage.

Community is important. I should invest in it.

I know that “the club” is not the be all, end all. There are so many other things to do, I don’t care what R. Kelly says. (I’ve known this for a while though.)

Reading is what’s up. And of course, writing is, too.

I will take better care of myself physically. I’ve made it to 30 without having to take hypertension meds. That’s a miracle.

God loves me, so I will let my light shine, so others can see He loves them, too. (Yes, I went old school.)

Now that that’s out of the way, let me get my birthday dance on.


30 Things Every Woman Should Have Before She Turns 30


I just wrote of the most depressing blog posts ever, so it’s time to lighten up. It’s Friday! I’ll be 30 in about three months. I’m praying I don’t go into that reflective mode that so many 30-year-olds go into where I knitpick everything I haven’t done by 30. But if I do, here’s a list to start with. This reposted from Jovian Zayne’s blog, Word Up, Haay, but taken from The Frisky by Wendy Atterberry.

1. Clothes that fit the size she is now, not the size she was five years ago

2. A weekly income that covers the rent (or mortgage payment)

3. An orgasm

4. Always enough toilet paper

5. A hair stylist she trusts

6. A favorite song, porn site, image, movie or fantasy that always gets her in the mood

7. Health insurance

8. A signature drink

9. A healthy relationship with her parents

10. Bras in the correct size

11. Enough alcohol in her home to offer drop-by guests a cocktail

12. An emergency hangover remedy

13. A voter registration card

14. A wardrobe that includes the perfectly flattering little black dress, a great pair of heels, jeans that make her ass look great, and a cute hat that hides a bad hair day

15. A yearly appointment with her gynecologist

16. The name of reliable movers to give her friends when they ask for help relocating

17. The gumption to ask a man out

18. A group of girlfriends who get it

19. A set of tools (and the ability to use them … even if it’s just to hang a piece of art)

20. A balanced checkbook

21. No interest in men who just aren’t that into her

22. A vacation to look forward to at least once a year

23. A good bulls**t detector

24. The courage to stand up for herself and her beliefs

25. A favorite sex position

26. A set of hand towels so guests don’t have dry their hands on her bath towel (gross!)

27. Enough self-love to avoid and break off unhealthy friendships and relationships

28. A commitment to exercise

29. A retirement fund

30. A great vibrator

*And if you’re already past 30, it’s late, but not too late to tackle this list!

30 Day Blog Challenge, Day 2: My First Love

I’ve seen some other bloggers’ entries and some have been clever, writing that writing and music, etc. is their first love. I agree with the writing, but you want the good stuff, right? My first love, as in a man, right?

My first love was and is an enigma. To this day, I still haven’t completely figured him out, and I don’t think I ever will. I realized I don’t want to, either. It’s better that way.  It happened suddenly, unexpectedly. I finally accepted it as being love after a few years. I actually wrote a story about it for “closure.” I’ll post it someday soon. Until then, that’s all I’ll say. You’ll have to read about it.

I know…womp, womp.