The Stories of People: A Tuesday Kind of Love, Pt. I

I met him on a Tuesday.

It was only 8 a.m. and already, I wasn’t having a good day. During my 30 minute commute to work, the weather went from sunny to a monsoon. Only 10 minutes away from my office, my manager called me in early for an emergency meeting. I was sure said emergency was something that could have been taken care of without me, but the higher-ups act as if life can’t go on if I’m not there. Oh, the life of an executive administrative assistant. Sigh.

I met him on a Tuesday.

Tuesday is the day of the week that gets the least recognition. Monday is usually dreaded or taken as a fresh start to the work week. Wednesday is Hump Day.  We love Thursday because it’s just a day away from Friday. And Friday is…well, you know. It’s like a mind-blowing orgasm to end a lovemaking session—long awaited and so necessary. Then there’s Tuesday. I never anticipate anything great on a Tuesday, and I don’t think other folks do either.

But I met him on a Tuesday.

I was cranky and not even my Gospel mix cds were calming my spirit. I entered my building’s parking garage and drove to the top floor. Just as I was about to swoop into the last parking spot,  this guy came from out of nowhere in front of my car. Another foot and he and my windshield would have been in a relationship. I honked my horn and screamed a few expletives as he jumped out of the way, even though he couldn’t hear me past my blaring music. Boy, you better thank whoever you pray to for quick reflexes. Today is not the day. Who doesn’t see an entire car coming at them? I mean, really.

By the time I reached the elevator to press the “down” button, the green light flashed alerting me that the elevator going up. Great. Three minutes and counting, the elevator chimes, and the doors open. I rushed on. I stood there with my eyes tightly closed, trying not to inhale the foul stench the old elevator had to offer. There was someone else in the elevator.

“You were in a rush this morning, I see.”

I opened only eye to see where the booming voice was coming from. “Not really.”

“I think so,” he said. “You almost ran me over a minute ago.”

Well, I’ll be damned. It was him—the guy from the garage. I gave him a thorough once-over.  I was in such a frenzy earlier,  I didn’t realize how handsome he was. Nor how well dressed he was. “Ooh, yeah….Sorry about that. I really didn’t see you.”

“I’m sure,” he said. “You always seem to be in a rush when I see you. Good thing I have good reflexes.”

Wait, he’d seen my before? I’d never seen him a day in my life. Where on Earth had he been hiding? “I guess you’re right….Glad you’re okay.” I adjusted my shades over my eyes, even though I was technically inside, thankful he couldn’t see me staring at him. This was beyond awkward.

“Make sure you get some coffee when you get to your office—you know, to take the edge off,” he said. I turned to see him smiling a bright smile. He didn’t seem half as pissed off as I would have been after meeting the person who almost sent me to my Maker.

The elevator hit the ground level with a loud thud. I threw another apology his way and rushed out onto the street for my three block trek to my building. As I fiddled with my PDA, I had this strange feeling that though I’d never seen him before, I’d be seeing him again soon. I looked back as the wind blew fiercely, whipping my hair across my face to catch another glance of him, just in case I was wrong.

And just like that, he was gone.

To be continued…