2010 Black Weblog Awards Are Here! Nominate BISS!


I’ve never been one to toot my own horn. As a girl, while my mama was telling everybody at work and church how “Look at how smart my baby is!” I was always somewhere giving her the side-eye. No need to tell everyone what I’m doing. I guess you can say I’m modest. It’s a gift and a curse. As I’m getting older, I’m finally seeing that making your accomplishments known isn’t a bad or cocky thing. Hell, how will anyone know what you’re doing? 

The Black Weblog Awards have been around since 2005; I’ve been blogging since 2006.  I’ve just decided that I would nominate my own blog for a few categories. It couldn’t hurt–only help. That’s where YOU come in. Nominate Because I Said So for “Best New Blog,” “Blog to Watch” and “Best Story Series” and “Best Personal Blog” ….because I said so! 

Click the pic for the link to the nomination form. Thanks in advance, folks!