Blogging: Skirting the Issue

Everyday get morning emails from Skirt! Magazine. And just about everyday, I send them to the trash, unless something really catches my eye (quite a few interest me though). About two years ago, I came across Skirt! There were stacks of them at a downtown cafe. It was colorful,  nontraditional paper size (it’s bigger than the first Vibe), and it was called Skirt! Of course, I picked it up. It was a really fun national magazine based in Charleston, South Carolina, but it had city outlets. Thank God, Memphis was one of them.

After months of reading, I signed up to become a blogger. I was excited. I wrote a few things, but soon burned out between working and writing on my other blog. Nearly a year and half later, my most recent post was dated August 25, 2008…Until now.

Today, I posted “Today Is National Women’s Day?” Read it here.  My ultimate goal is have an essay published in the national copy of Skirt! I’ve added blog link to the blogroll. Same voice, different content. Check me out.