I Knowed Dere Iz a God, Part I

Sorry for the image, but it should be familiar to you. Let me explain.

Lately I’ve been posting Facebook statuses with the tagline: I Knowed Dere Iz a God. What I mean by that is He proves how awesome He is not just by the miracles He performs, but by the little things. You know, like getting a parking spot in the front at Target or finding the perfect dress in your size on sale. At times like those, I say to myself, “I knowed dere iz a God!” in my very best Miss Sophia voice. You do remember that don’t you? (Fast forward to 3:05)

Yeah, Oprah did the thang in that dinner scene. Anyway, a friend suggested I make this a series on the blog, which would be the exact opposite of the SYAD Awards. Instead of foolery, it’s time for me to celebrate the good things. Some posts will be lists and others will be so great, only one thing is on the menu. Consider this my first installment.

1. President Obama made his first visit to Memphis and made it back to his destination safely. See the video of his speech to high school graduates here.

2. Jim Jones cut the braids. I know you saw him on the Love and Hip Hop reunion.

3. I can now make my mortgage payments online (but for a $6 fee. Sit yo’ azz down, Trustmark.)

4. My job has moved so I’m now only 15 minutes from home. *Does the prep for my lowered gas bill*

5. Donald “Iplayallday” Trump is NOT running for president. You didn’t really believe his shenanigans did you? I can’t trust a man who wears a questionable toupee’.

6. After a week, I found the door to my mailbox…in the neighbor’s yard.

7. News anchor, TJ Holmes, had a cameo in Kirk Franklin’s new video for “Smile.”

So far, that’s all I have. I’ll be making regular updates as needed. Anyone else have any “I Knowed Dere Iz a God” news? Share!!