What I Learned About Oprah and Dumb Tweeters While Lurking During #OprahLiveTweet

Sunday night, America’s sweetheart, Oprah Winfrey, took to the Twitter airwaves to answer followers’, fans’ and fanatics’ questions during #OprahLiveTweet. The idea was for Oprah herself , to answer questions throughout part two of her very own Oprah Presents Master Class special, an inside look into powerful and intriguing people’s lives, careers and what or who made them who they are today. So far, celebrities, such as Jay-Z, Diane Sawyer and Maya Angelou have all made the cut, pulling in millions of viewers with each installment. It’s only natural that Lady O includes herself, right?

I’m in no way obsessed with Ms. Winfrey, as so many are. In fact, until recently, I didn’t care much for the show. I would much rather see her as an Academy Award winning actress. (She was everything as “Sophia” in The Color Purple.) For years, probably thanks to college and two full-time jobs, I avoided the allure of the “Oprah spell.”Since the launch of the OWN, I’ve been catching the Oprah fever. She, indeed, has a story and though she still gets an occasional side-eye from me, I understand how her life’s events have shaped her and her way of thinking and giving spirit. It’s all good.

During Master Class, she dropped what I call “gems” such as, “Anybody pretending to be anything other than who you are, you will never ever reach your personal potential” or “Life is about growth and change. When you are no longer doing that, that’s your whisper that it is time to change.” Those are words to live by. She had me in tears literally when she sang the chorus to “I Surrender All.” I think I finally saw the “real” Oprah– by my standards anyway.

So, I didn’t have any questions to ask, but I did “lurk” long enough to find out that there will be Master Class shows on Diana Ross and Bono, possibly Bill Cosby and she has a “#crazyass crush” on Hugh Jackman. Even better, I checked out what other people wanted to know about her. Remember that old saying, “No question is a dumb question”? Here are few tweets that got a raised eyebrow from me and what I was thinking in my head:

@Oprah Why ask us to ask questions when you only tweet back to celebs??? #oprahlivetweet

Busted! Salty much?

#oprahlivetweet Oprah, for your last episode, can you interview yourself?

Umm, isn’t that what her ver own Master Class was  for?

@Oprah Do you think your trip would have been more memorable if Stedman were there to share it with you? #OprahLiveTweet

Oooh, no, you didn’t go there!

@Oprah Can you say hi to me with your one of a kind shout out voice?

-Jason. #OprahLiveTweet

God, I hate that “shout out voice” more than anything, but I still imagine her calling mine. Shoot me.

@Oprah Any chance anyone will win a car on twitter? LOL #OprahLiveTweet

That’s all you could come up with? I’m sure it was all in fun, but it’s still corny. Very corny.

Oprah has 5 million followers and telling them to ‘keep the questions coming’. Like seriously O? #OprahLiveTweet

Cut the lady some slack! You didn’t really think she would answer all of these questions. I mean, have you read some of them? Sure, she’s only answered about 20 questions in an hour, but her effort is appreciated and duly noted.

#OprahLiveTweet Can you call me?

Maybe in your next lifetime if you come back as a person of influence swimming in multi-millions. Or the first black president.

#OprahLiveTweet Do you know the names of all your staff members?

Sure, she does—and their entire life stories, too.

You are not alone, @Oprah is here with you. #OprahLiveTweet

Lest I forget, “Oprah-ness” is next to godliness.

Am I saying that these tweets don’t measure up in terms of validity? No. Many of them weren’t outrageous or really offensive, but it’s painstakingly clear that we will do and say anything for online attention, especially from celebrities. I’m making a point to use these social media sites, especially ones that help to connect to others in real time, to interact with your role models (eh, stalkees?) with purpose, and use them to create opportunities, instead a place to goof off on their time. WWOD? (What would Oprah Do?)