Thoughts While Watching Love and Hip Hop

I didn’t watch LHHA with my Twitter family. I was too busy taming the beast that is my hair. I should probably watch it again because I’m sure I missed a few things, but here are a few thoughts I had while watching. Of course, I shouted them to the tv as if they could talk back to me, but since they didn’t I might as well share them with you.

Mimi says she wants 20 percent of Stevie J’s business? Fair enough. Apparently, she might as well get paid in exchange for her grievances, but really isn’t she doing this to keep an eye on him and possible wreck Joseline’s career (if there’s one to be wrecked)?

Why in the WORLD did this girl take a pregnancy test in a public bathroom?? Did she not want her spot to be on camera? A PUBLIC bathroom? She could’ve gone to the restroom in the studio for all that.

Why were the cameras all in the bathroom with her?? Reality television doesn’t believe in privacy, and neither does she.

Did she really put a pregnancy test in her bag? I mean, didn’t she urinate on that thing? I didn’t see her use hand sanitizer, drop it in a plastic Ziploc bag like it’s evidence on CSI or anything. She just pulled it out of the bag, like, “HERE!!” LOL. Stevie J’s face was priceless.

I didn’t know any better, I’d think I MIGHT COULD like Rasheeda’s song, “Marry Me.” Cast ye not the first stone…

Rasheeda is beautiful.  Always has been since her days with Pastor Troy, but ummm, lose criss-cross braids, ma’am.

This Karlie chick is playing both MiMi and Joseline. She’s all about self, and she will be exposed soon enough.

Lil’ Scrappy’s thick Atlanta accent will never NOT be funny. Nothing to add here.

Stevie J can’t lie with a straight face if his life depended on it. Nothing to add here.

Lastly, he’s talented, like really. I almost fell for the piano and song. I’m sucker for music, so it infuriated me that he’s doing the most, yet makes such beautiful music. I mean, he wrote this…

Le sigh. Damn you, Stevie J! Damn you!!!!

How played did Joseline feel when he responded to her pregnancy test? Basically, he suggested that she abort the baby. That should’ve been taken care of “off the rip.” (Thanks Stevie! I added that to my vocabulary. I guess you’re good for something other than good music.)

What’d I miss?