Teedra Talks New Music, Relationships and Moving On, Pt. II

Teedra-Moses-Luv-Rocket-e1361828026963Check out the second half of my interview with Teedra Moses! Read Part I here.

Possibly what Teedra Moses’ fans love most about her music are her relatable song lyrics. There’s atleast one song in her catalog that you’d swear she penned just for you, but she wasn’t really inside of your heads when she wrote it. Her first inspiration is her own life.

“When I write, I don’t set out to say every woman will be able to relate to this. but I just write what I feel in my heart.”

She describes her latest single, “Cant Be Luv” as a personal experience. “It’s really about contemplation of if I’m gonna give up the cookie or not,” she says. “I don’t know about other women– if they have that experience, you know? I do. I don’t just my cookies up to people like that. It’s a major contemplation in my mind should I even do this.”

It’s a real thing in her life even now. Moses is currently in a period of celibacy. “I don’t choose to give up my cookies to people, not because I made a conscious decision that I wouldn’t have sex, it’s just that I’m not attracted to anybody in that way to do so, and then I have to question…well, what is it? Why is it that I’m not sexually active?”

That’s the rawness you’ll find in her music.

“That’s our responsibility. Spread a little happiness to other people, and find as much as we can for ourselves.”

Admitting that she hardly listens to R&B music, she keeps her pen and musical ear close to her heart, rather than to the streets. “Whatever the track gives, I give it back. I don’t listen to one kind of music. I don’t listen to one kind of artist. I just give to the music whatever it is at the time.”

There are more heartfelt tracks on her upcoming album, Empress Pride Collection like “People Chaos,” which describes her relationship with the greatest love of her life, and father of her twin sons. She sings about loving who you’re with, but knowing you aren’t right for each other. “No Regrets,” laced with live instrumentation, tells the story of her life having her sons at a young age.

“I’m speaking on having kids young, falling in love really young and how I don’t regret it, even though it changed the course of how I thought I life would go,” she says. “Even though my life isn’t what I thought it would be at 15, I’m so happy with it. I thought I would be married with the picket fence and whatever, but I’m okay without that.”

Teedra will be showering her fans with her love through her newest music later this month at Singersroom’s Rhythm Effect Series at SOB’s in New York City. Expect a funky, but sexy live show with something for everyone.

She sings about love, but her message to her fans is about life. “My ultimate message is always to live your life—to the fullest. Life is too short to spend any second of it giving up your time, your effort, your love and your passion to shit that doesn’t matter to you.

I think life is about finding your purpose and obtaining purpose and fulfilling your purpose. I try to push that message always because that’s what I’m always trying to do.”

Keep up with Teedra at www.teedramoses.net or follow her on Twitter.


Teedra Moses Talks New Album, Relationships and Moving On, Part I

teedra mosesIf you know me, you know I’m the founder and president of the Teedra Moses fan club (atleast in my head) Check out my two-part interview with her where she discusses her new music, her inspiration for songwriting and what her message to fans is this time around. Part II will be posted next week!

Singer/songwriter Teedra Moses had recently finished wrapping up a video shoot for her new single, Cant’ Be Luv,” recently released on Black Moses Music when she hops on the phone to talk about what’s in store for her and her fans. That’s right, The Lioness will drop her long-awaited album, Empress Pride Collection, on June 25. It’s her first major project since her debut album, Complex Simplicity in 2004.

Like always, it was like talking to an old friend.

Moses is known for bringing sexy love anthems like “Be Your Girl” and “Kisses Never Taste So Sweet,” but this time around, her inspiration comes from a different place. “I’m feeling very strong and empowered, but also wanting and feeling the need for the comfort of a man,” she says.

So, be prepared for a new vibe on this project, which features seven to 10 tracks, as she tackles where she is in her womanhood and music career. “I’m not 25 anymore, you know what I mean, so I’m not writing as a 25-year-old young woman. I’m writing as a grown ass woman in my 30s. I just make records, that’s who I am.”

Moses has been in the trenches working as an independent artist, gaining fans by releasing mixtapes like the Young Hustla Compilation series and giving live performances throughout the country. In 2011, the world waited for more music from Moses after it was reported on Twitter that she’d signed to Maybach Music Group, but Moses says no contracts were signed. She’s definitely affiliated with the platinum hip-hop label, lending her sultry voice to a list of MMG hits like “Self Made” and “Amsterdam.”

“I’m not 25 anymore, you know what I mean, so I’m not writing as a 25-year-old young woman. I’m writing as a grown ass woman in my 30s.”

“We were in talks of it, and it just never came about,” Moses says. “We definitely respect each other’s talent and if they need me to sing on anything, I’ll sing. If I need to reach out to them, I’m sure they’ll do the same for me.”

Two years later and countless live shows in, it was a stint in the UK that pushed the former fashion stylist to release new music. She performed mostly in London, where her fan base is just as large as it is in the States. “It all kind of helped me to get myself to this place where like, yo, I gotta put out music. I can’t keep waiting for people that say that want to support the project to do that. I have to just do that myself.”

She’s a self-starter, for sure. To keep her sound fresh, but consistent, she’s been working with other musicians and artists who fly below the radar. “I connect a lot with underground producers, up and coming producers for a different sound than what’s is already in the marketplace,” she says. “That’s kind of what the album is full of. It’s very musical, but at the same time, it’s got that modern sound to it, as well. I’m really excited about it.”

Yes, there’s a U.S. tour in the works, too, beginning in July. Teedra won’t be the headliner though. “Instead of me going out by myself, I would prefer to go out with someone with a bigger fan base,” she says. “I just try to build my movement and expand it as much as possible. I’ve been so blessed to carry so many people with me from the beginning and then gain people along the way.”

Bottom line: It’s Teedra’s time to shine. “Witness what I’m doing and if they like it, they can get down with it; if they don’t, they can pass on it, but I just feel like I want to give people the opportunity to see it.”

We know it’ll be worth the wait.

Check back next week for Part II of Teedra’s interview. 


The Valentine’s Day Edition: Teedra Moses Talks Love and Music

Love Day is here, and no matter how your day is going, you can unwrap the gift of great  music from a real artist. Check out this exclusive interview.

When Teedra Moses, a New Orleans native, dropped Complex Simplicity in 2004, she became every woman’s “friend in their head.” She sings candidly about love and life in songs like her breakout single, “Be Your Girl” and fan favorite, “Backstroke.” Though she’s not on a major label, in the seven years since her debut album, she’s never left her fans waiting in the balance for music, releasing four mixtapes and several singles. From Twitter to music blogs, fans sing her praises while waiting patiently for her next album, The Lioness.

Moses released her second video for “R U 4 Real” today as the climax to her “10 Days to Valentine’s Day” promotion. For 10 days, fans submitted their best and worst Valentine’s Day stories, and Moses released new tracks, including the banger, “Fallin’ 4 U”. She talks to Because I Said So about why her fans will never go without quality music, her thoughts on love and why Valentine’s Day is just one day on the journey in love.

Last year you released the Royal Patience Compilation on February 14, now you’ve released the “R U 4 Real” video on Valentine’s Day.  Is Valentine’s Day your favorite holiday?

Not really. It just seems like maybe it takes me a year for me to get my head wrapped around what I want to give people. I always look at it like this: Well, this year, my Valentines are the people who like my music, so I’ll extend this to them and them appreciating it  is enough to give me the “keep moving vibe.”

What are you thoughts on love?

I’m in a place right now where I think that love is one of the most beautiful things. And maybe I’m drawn to Valentine’s Day because in my heart I believe in love, and I believe that a lot of people are jaded and don’t want to love anymore  because they’ve been hurt or people have ulterior motives or people are just afraid to put themselves out there, but love is something everybody needs. I don’t care who you are, how selfish you are, every human being needs to know somebody cares, they long for that, atleast. I just feel like that’s something everybody can relate to.

For those who may not be familiar with your music, how would you describe your music?

There’s something about my life… It’s really weird to say, but it really is, in a way, a complex simplicity because there’s something very hard about it, but some kind of way, I find there’s easiness, too. I think that’s the mood I try to put off in my music. It’s something that’s easy on your ears, but its’ still beating hard enough to pull out a little bit of the swag in you.

Fans love your music because the lyrics resonate with them. How are you able to be so honest in your songwriting?

Sometimes, it’s not as honest as I would like to push out of myself. When I connect with the track, it pulls at something that’s already going on in my mind or in my heart. When I’m honest with my myself—completely honest–when you get a great freestyle going, and the words are just coming out of your mouth, you know at that moment somebody else is going to feel that, too, because it’s honest. One of the songs I did like that was “R U 4 Real.” Which was a freestyle. The words weren’t super-profound, but the feeling and the emotion and honesty of how I felt at that time really connected to me.

You maintain a great relationship with your fans via social media websites like  Facebook and Twitter. How has social media helped your career?

There’s a shift in music. Fans are reaching out for reality. It’s all in God’s timing. I feel like the impact of the Teedra Moses movement is reaching a peak right now of how hard I’ve been working because of social networking and the viral way you can move on the Internet versus three years ago.They should have never let the people be able to connect with the artist because we’re gonna keep moving. It’s getting easier.

Speaking of social media, if you read fans’ tweets about you, you’ll find they speak of a mood or a feeling your music provides. What’s your reaction?

That’s  makes me feel good that people can connect with what I feel is a representation of me  and what I’m giving at that time. I’m trying to connect with people, and even when I do put out an album, people will say, ‘Okay, she’s been consistent enough for me to deserve to go out and give my money to her.” People just assume that just because they put out music, that people are just supposed  to continue to just support them, but times have changed. People can get music for free. So, I figure if I can give some good music that you can vibe to for free, in the end when I say, ‘Hey, can you give me $10 for this album?’ people won’t have a problem doing that.

What are your favorite love songs?

Teena Marie’s “Cassonova Brown.” That’s one of my favorite love songs because she’s singing about love, but she tormented. She loved a foul ass man. She loves him so much…but her baby’s fine. He always keeps her guessing, never second-guessing. She wrote the hell out of that song. “Ribbon in the Sky.” It’s just so basic and pretty and a beautiful love song.

You get this question often, but when will the album drop?

I always give a date that I’m shooting for, so this year, I’m shooting for around August (2011), but until then, you always get music from me. My thing is this: I’m gonna keep giving music consistently, but now I’m giving visuals. I’m gonna give you visuals and music until I can make the album the way I want it, and that takes a certain amount of finances.

The fans of this music that I’m doing—I want to please you, but in order to please you, I have to really please myself enough to give it to you comfortably. […..]is never losing interaction with the fans. I continue to try to do shows, I try to continue to give away music to the fans. Before everybody was doing it, I was giving away music on mixtapes. Hopefully, this is enough for fans to understand that I’m really working hard. In order for me to get the quality of what I want to extend ,because I do care, I just need  little more help, but that’s just the unfortunate truth, and I’m not worried about because I’ve worked hard all year because of social networking and the music change.

Lastly, any words for fans on Valentine’s Day?

As human beings, we should know that February 13, 14, 15,  no matter what day is, it’s a precious day. We should be grateful for it, even if we’re celebrating someone ele’s love or thinking about a past love, or looking to the future to say, ‘When I have a Valentine..’  Those are the sort of things I do because I haven’t had a Valentine, you know? I don’t really get caught up with the fact of not having a Valentine. You know what I think?:  If I had a Valentine, this is what I would do, and I when I get a Valentine’s this what I’m gonna do.

You just have to be optimistic, and understand what we want. Once we understand what we want, maybe we can understand how to get what we want. First thing is, you want more than just a damn Valentine. You just want that real thing. Don’t get caught up in the whole Valentine’s thing because you have to know that it’s going to come. It’s a blessing.

Visit http://www.teedramoses.netto check out her new video, “R U 4Real,” information on shows and other music downloads.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!