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Alisha Tillery is a freelance writer living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. Her work has   been published in Ebony.com, xoJane.com, UPTOWN Magazine, Honey Magazine, Clutch Magazine, Vibe Vixen  Online and Mediabistro.com. Though online publishing may be the new black, she still loves the rustle of printed magazine pages.

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  1. Like you said…it’s been a long time coming. There aren’t that many stylist who are familiar with natural hair unless it’s a child’s hair as you referred to in your article. I am currently transitioning. You should try A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge it’s located on Perkins Ext in Memphis, TN. The stylist is TaKeisha Berry-Brooks and she specializes in natural hair. She’s very professional and she has wonderful products. I think you’ll like her. Your stylist should appreciate your loyalty. Many women would have left once they decided to transition.

  2. Hi Alisha,
    I read this in the Curly Nikki Blog and I am from Memphis as well. I have been natural for 6 months after a 22 month transition. So I know what you are talking about. Although my stylist was willing to work with me, I decided do the work myself as I have always enjoyed doing hair. (I only went to her for re-touches anyway). The last time I went to a Stylist was to cut the relaxed ends. I commend you on your decision to transition. You will not regret it. 🙂

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