Kimmy K. Gets No Love…Again…But Why?

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian is one of the worst people on the planet. Or atleast that’s what’d you think if you read any blog, tweet, entertainment news headline or listen to any beauty shop/barber shop debate about her. Outside of her incredible fashion sense and style, she’s a gold-digging, talentless slut. That is what they say, isn’t it?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but lay off Kim for a minute. As of late, the poor girl can’t catch a break, even though some of those missed breaks she (or alledgedly her mama, Kris Jenner) orchestrated herself. In the last week, many an essay have been published complaining about Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with Kim and the rest of the Kardashian clan. Why would Oprah Almighty give those people an hour of airtime? For what? As if we don’t see them enough, right?

Yeah, judge me all you want, but I was front and center to check the interview out. I’m not a Kardashian stan by any means. I would drop dead before I pay more than $15 for anything from their clothing line in Sears, of all places, listening to Kourt and Kim’s voices is worse than watching paint dry and no, I do NOT approve of Kim’s relationship with Kanye (I refuse to believe that they are anything more than friends in fashion). BUT there is this unwavering curiosity about just how they came to be who they are.

Let Auntie O cook. She’s just as interested as we are about enigma of a family. If anyone can pull information out of people, it’s her, and she knows what people want to see and what they want to know. Many tuned in because they love the Kardashians and others because they hate them. It’s crazy how we insist on enduring what we dislike the most. It’s similar to making a breakup song playlist, and putting it on repeat, knowing you’ll cry by Track 2.

Pictures were recently released of Kim and Beyonce having the time of their lives at a Watch the Throne concert in Birmingham. The Beyhive is not happy that the Bedazzled One is hanging out with Killa K. Little Miss Perfect should not associate herself with the likes of a sextape-making whoremonger. Weren’t Kelly, Michelle and ‘nem good enough?

First, Kim doesn’t deserve happiness, a husband who doesn’t sound like a dufus robot (sorry Kris, but it’s true) or a family. Now, people are denying her a close girlfriend, especially if it’s King Bey. Excuse me as I throw rose petals I picked with my bare hands on the ground.
There are three reasons why Bey befriending Kim won’t hurt a bit.

1. You, err, we fans aren’t going anywhere. If Lil Wayne can wear jeans as tight as leotards and Usher can keep that dreadful Mohawk and still maintain a healthy fan base, Bey can kick it with Kim. As long as they don’t record a duet, I’m good.

2. In a circle of girlfriends, each woman plays her role. There’s the good girl, the responsible girl, the party girl, the drunken girl (could be the party girl also)…and the hoe. She can be slick or overt or may not even realize she’s exhibiting such behavior. Now, I’m not saying Kim is a hoe. In fact, she’s been in relationships with guys (or something like it?), and no one really knows who she’s slept with. Who cares? Whatever it is, it’s no different from what many other “regular” women do, it’s just done on a larger scale and in front of cameras. It’s obvious that Kim is desperately seeking love. If you have a circle of friends, you know that each plays her role independently with no interference from the others.

3. Friends can influence each other for the better. Who knows? Maybe Bey’s Golden Girl ways will rub off on Kim? Do they really need to though? In a really insecure-y way, she seems comfortable in her own skin. Let her be.

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2 thoughts on “Kimmy K. Gets No Love…Again…But Why?

  1. Yes! Thanks for writing this. I’m over people hating Kim Kardashian for whatever reason. We know nothing about Beyonce’s life (other than the snippets she releases to the public) and whose to say she isn’t enjoying her company while on tour. Shit, people have all types of friends. I know gossip fodder is fun, but finding some business should be high on the priority list of most because we have WAY more important things to worry about in life than whether or not Beyonce will be photographed with Kim K. lol…

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